How Bad Is Savannah Traffic?

Savannah’s traffic congestion is not nearly as bad as Atlanta’s, but the city still has a few traffic hotspots.
Written by Mary Alice Morris
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Routine commuters in Savannah can expect to lose about 14 hours a year on average to traffic delays, according to a recent study. This sounds like a lot, but compared to Atlanta’s average of 53 hours per commuter per year, Savannah’s traffic is a smoother ride. 
Savannah is a city known for its rich history, avenues of oaks, and gorgeous coastal views. One thing it’s not known for, though, is terrible traffic. Being a fairly small city in
, Savannah isn’t too bad to get around—aside from the occasional rush-hour delay or backed-up intersection. 
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How bad is Savannah traffic?

If you’ve only ever driven in rural areas or very small cities before, Savannah’s traffic might appear daunting. But anyone who has experienced a backed-up freeway in the past will find that typically, traffic flows pretty smoothly in this southern city. 
According to the Urban Mobility Report by Texas A&M University, traffic delays have dropped dramatically since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic started, Savannah commuters on average experienced 35 hours per year of time lost to traffic delays; that number has since decreased by 21 hours!
They say life moves more slowly in the south, but that’s not necessarily true when you’re driving in Savannah. 
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Why is Savannah traffic so efficient?

Many things add up to make a city’s traffic environment what it is, including the population, the transportation infrastructure, and the local driving culture. Here are some factors that may contribute to the quality of your commute in Savannah. 

Population size

Savannah’s population is about 145,000, and it’s just common math that fewer people equals fewer drivers on the road. Additionally, the city isn’t terribly dense. The city of Savannah sprawls over 100 miles, so communities—and the roads—aren’t very crowded. 
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Major chokepoints

Compared to larger cities, Savannah’s traffic situation looks good, but it certainly isn’t perfect. Commuters traveling to the city from nearby Georgetown and Richmond Hill can cause havoc on the eastbound Highway 204 in the mornings, especially at intersections. 
Another traffic hotspot is I-16, especially considering its ongoing road improvement efforts at the intersections with I-95 and I-516. 
Heavy traffic also happens at Martin Luther King Boulevard, specifically at its intersection with West Victory Drive, as well as East Bay Street and Skidaway Road. 

Driving habits

While Savannah’s population is rather small and sparse, commuters from nearby towns head into the city daily for work. The peak traffic hours in Savannah are from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily, so it’s best to avoid those hours if you’re concerned about traffic. 
However, the average commute time in Savannah is only around 20 minutes, so even peak travel times present minimal delays. 
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How to navigate Savannah traffic like a pro

Even smaller cities like Savannah see occasional traffic problems due to collisions, roadwork, or congestion. Stay alert and drive smart in Savannah with these tips.
  • Avoid rush hour traffic if at all possible. If you can’t avoid rush hour, then drive carefully with your full attention on the road, and, if possible, avoid the busiest highways and intersections. 
  • Try a different route. Finding another way to your destination could save you some headaches, especially during periods of road work. Use a traffic app to map out various routes in case you ever need a detour. 
  • Stay focused on the road, even in light traffic. Distracted drivers put themselves and everyone on the road around them at risk. Avoid distracting behaviors, like using your phone, shuffling the music, or eating while you drive. This can minimize the risk of a collision. 
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Compared to other cities, including nearby Atlanta, no. That said, nobody really likes any traffic at all, and Savannah does have a small amount of congestion, especially during rush hour and at busy highway intersections.
Any city can present you with traffic mishaps, but in general, Savannah’s traffic flows fairly smoothly. Just be sure you’re familiar with your route, and stay focused on the road.
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