Should You Take the 2022 Ram ProMaster Off Road?

The 2022 Ram ProMaster is built to tackle many jobs, but taking you off the road isn’t one of them.
Written by Brad Marley
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
2022 Ram ProMaster
is a work van with a chameleon-like ability to transform into whatever you need—unless what you need is an off-road warrior. 
Taking your vehicle off road is a rite of passage for adventurers. When you can leave behind the pavement for tricky terrain, you are truly living. 
But should you take the 2022 Ram ProMaster off road? In short, no.
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Read on for our 2022 Ram ProMaster off-road rating explainer. We’ll look at the key factors, like ground clearance and torque, that go into making a true off-road vehicle, and we’ll also discuss some alternatives you should consider if you’re determined to hit the trails. 

Can the 2022 Ram ProMaster go off road?

The 2022 Ram ProMaster can go off road, but it shouldn’t. We realize that’s not very high praise—let us explain. 
The ProMaster was built to be a commercial van—to haul tools, cargo, passengers, etc. It was not built to blaze trails less traveled (at least not in a literal sense). 
The base model of the 2022 Ram ProMaster starts at $34,380. Let’s look at some of its key specs.
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Ground clearance

A great off-road vehicle has high ground clearance, making this one of the most important numbers to track. The 2022 Ram ProMaster has a minimum ground clearance of 5.1 inches but some versions go as high as 8.5 inches. While the minimum is very much on the low side, the high side makes it passable (but still not ideal).
In a perfect world, you would want your vehicle’s ground clearance to be between 8.8 and 10.8 inches. The higher the ground clearance, the more ability your vehicle has to tackle rocky terrain with confidence. 


If you want to go off-roading, you need a vehicle with low-end torque, which is a high amount of torque at a relatively low rpm. Since turning power is super important when you’re driving off road, low-end torque is a clue as to how the vehicle will handle the trails.
The 2022 Ram ProMaster’s 276-horsepower V6 powertrain produces a maximum torque of 250 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm. This number would be much better at 2,000 or 3,000 revs, but 4,400 isn’t ideal—another strike against the ProMaster’s off-roading chops.


The 2022 Ram ProMaster comes with different tires depending on the trim level. The cargo van version comes with LT225/75R16 tires, while the City edition of the Ram ProMaster has P215/55R16 tires. If that doesn’t mean much to you, here’s what you should know.
LT tires are meant for light truck use, meaning they are built for heavier loads. This is why you find them on light-duty and heavy-duty pickups. They are more robust than regular tires and pretty good for off-roading!
But P tires are optimized for passenger vehicles and long-distance travel, safety, and driving performance.
Either way you slice it, you shouldn’t take your ProMaster on difficult trails. But don’t even think about it in the City edition tires.


One non-negotiable feature of your off-road vehicle must be all-wheel drive (AWD), something you won’t get with any version of the 2022 Ram ProMaster. All models come with front-wheel drive.


Off-roading is all about angles—specifically, the approach angle and departure angle. Here’s what each term means. 
  • Approach angle: The maximum angle at which a vehicle can climb without interference 
  • Departure angle: The maximum angle at which a vehicle can descend without interference
The 2022 Ram ProMaster’s approach angle comes in at 19.9 degrees, while its departure angle clocks in at 29.5 degrees. Those are decent numbers, but they are only enough for gentle slopes. Angles in the 30s and 40s would be better. 

Off-road rating: Don’t Try It

We’ve rated the 2022 Ram ProMaster using
super-technical DIRT rating system, broken down in the table below:
Don’t Try It
Vehicles better suited to highway conditions
In a Pinch
Vehicles that can handle off-road conditions in certain circumstances
Rough and Ready
Vehicles designed for casual off-roading
Trail Boss
True off-road vehicles capable of tackling a range of terrain
The 2022 Ram ProMaster earns a D rating—Don’t Try It. Off-roading is not what this vehicle was built for, so don’t buy one anticipating you are going to earn your Trail Boss badge with it. 
If you’re looking for a dedicated off-road vehicle, there are way better options.
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The best off-road alternatives to the 2022 Ram ProMaster

If you want something that is in the same price range but better off the road, here are some alternatives to the 2022 Ram ProMaster.
Best affordable alternative
Forester Wilderness
The 2022 Forester Wilderness sits higher than the RamProMaster and offers better low-end torque at a comparable price.
Best eco-friendly alternative
Grand Cherokee 4xe
This vehicle is almost $20,000 more than the Ram ProMaster, but it can traverse this wonderful planet—and help save the environment.
Best alternative for serious off-roading
Bronco Wildtrak
This has everything the Ram ProMaster doesn’t (albeit for a few more bucks): 4WD, an intercooled turbo V6 engine, and approach and departure angles of 43.2 and 37 degrees, respectively.
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How to find affordable car insurance for off-road vehicles

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