The Top 10 Cheapest Vans to Insure

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According to real
car insurance quotes
from Jerry drivers, the cheapest van to insure is none other than the family-friendly Honda Odyssey Elite.
  • The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited is the cheapest hybrid van to insure, although the Toyota Sienna LE is about $20,000 cheaper on sticker price.
  • Used options like the Nissan Quest, Mazda 5, and GMC Savana G1500 will help you save money across the board—from average listing price to cost of insurance.
  • Your unique van insurance quotes will depend on factors like your location, age, driving record, and the exact make/model you drive.

The cheapest van to insure: Honda Odyssey Elite

Average annual premium before Jerry: $1,860
Average annual premium after Jerry: $1,236
Miles per gallon: 19 city/28 highway
List price: $50,965 (2023)
Honda Odyssey Elite
is a family classic with a roomy cabin and handy driver assistance features.
The top pick for family adventures big and small: The Elite is the priciest and most luxurious model, but every van in the Odyssey series offers effortless steering and minimal road noise.
Honda’s Magic Slide slides help adapt the seating configuration, but removing the Odyssey’s second-row seats will require more hassle than other vans.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited

Average annual premium before Jerry: $1,642
Average annual premium after Jerry: $1,371
Miles per gallon: 30 combined/82 MPGe combined
List price: $56,490 (2023)
While the
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited
is one of the more expensive vans at this price point, but it comes with an impressive interior, an SUV-like exterior, and relatively low insurance costs! Perhaps that has something to do with its place amongst the industry’s top safety picks.
Perfect for tech-savvy families with places to be: Chrysler’s competitors sell premium models that may cost less than the Pacifica, but it’s hard to beat everything this van has to offer at this price point. It also gets good fuel economy, and the Hybrid model will improve your fuel efficiency even more.

Ford Transit Connect XL

Average annual premium before Jerry: $2,208
Average annual premium after Jerry: $1,482
Miles per gallon: 24 city/29 highway
List price: $35,485 (2023)
What the
Ford Transit Connect XL
lacks in finish it makes up for in flexibility. This cheap van can be emptied out for transporting tools or left intact to carry up to seven people.
A cargo van that’s nimble and functional: Drivers will appreciate the Transit Connect’s fuel economy and daily practicality. Although, it’s not the zippiest van on the market and some drivers report problems with reliability.
The Transit Connect is an affordable substitute for the more expensive
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
or Nissan NV 1500.

Nissan Quest GLE

Average annual premium before Jerry: $2,400
Average annual premium after Jerry: $1,524
Miles per gallon: 20 city/27 highway
List price: $17,000 (2017 avg. fair market price)
No longer in production but still in demand, the
Nissan Quest GLE
offers pleasant handling and enjoyable interior features.
The styling may not be for every van driver, but the affordable price point for a used Nissan Quest is hard to pass up. Not to mention:
  • It offers myriad interior storage solutions
  • It’s fast, as far as vans go
  • It includes plenty of driver-assist features
If you like the features of the Dodge Grand Caravan but want to save some cash, a used Nissan Quest could be an affordable substitute. Both vans seat seven and offer a similar fuel economy.

Chrysler Voyager L

Average annual premium before Jerry: $3,060
Average annual premium after Jerry: $1,668
Miles per gallon: 19 city/28 highway
List price: $32,365 (2021)
Chrysler Voyager
is a slightly stripped-down version of its can sibling, the Chrysler Pacifica. The storage is optimal and clever, but otherwise, its interior features are incredibly limited.
Minimal indulgences and good fuel economy: If the Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey are out of your budget, the Voyager could be a good substitute. You won’t get any frills but you’ll get a practical ride at an affordable price.
MORE: Voyager vs. Pacifica: which Chrysler minivan is right for you?

Chevrolet Express G3500

Average annual premium before Jerry: $2,220
Average annual premium after Jerry: $1,692
Miles per gallon: n/a
List price: $45,295 (2023)
With towing capacity and a rugged build, the
Chevy Express G3500
is especially popular among tradespeople who need to transport tools and equipment.
The Express is a durable (if dated) hauler van: It’s powerful enough to handle towing large loads and it can haul up to 15 passengers. Full-size vans are exempt from federal fuel-economy standards, so this vehicle has not been tested by the EPA.
The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter does offer a little more headspace and a contemporary finish, but the Express is a more affordable option if you don’t mind the dated appearance.

Mazda 5

Average annual premium before Jerry: $2,660
Average annual premium after Jerry: $1,696
Miles per gallon: 21 city/28 highway
List price: $10,000 (2015 avg. fair market price)
Mazda 5
went out of production in 2015. It is smaller than other minivans and only seats six, but it's nimble and offers enough space for families that don’t need a cavernous vehicle.
It does not offer huge storage capacity and its safety ratings are below average. However, the Mazda 5 does offer average engine power and great fuel economy, making it an affordable substitute for the car-like Ford Transit Connect.

Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

Average annual premium before Jerry: $3,516
Average annual premium after Jerry: $1,854
Miles per gallon: 17 city/25 highway
List price: $34,490 (2020)
Dodge Grand Caravan SXT
is a popular choice for drivers on a budget, able to transform from seven-seat passenger vehicle to cargo transporter in no time.
The Grand Caravan SXT may not offer the smoothest ride, but it has high safety ratings and includes premium interior materials like leather and suede without draining anyone’s wallet.
A contender for the converted #VanLife: A stripped-down Grand Caravan could be the cheapest camper van to insure if you’re looking for a live-in option on the go.

Toyota Sienna LE

Average annual premium before Jerry: $7,200
Average annual premium after Jerry: $2,148
Miles per gallon: 35 city/36 highway
List price: $37,470 (2023)
Look no further than the
Toyota Sienna LE
for a spacious hybrid minivan. This van is much more affordable than Chrysler’s hybrid Pacifica, and it can seat an additional passenger.
A refined hybrid minivan with an attractive exterior and jaw-dropping MPG: It also comes with strong safety features like lane keep assist and automatic emergency braking when a pedestrian is detected.

GMC Savana G1500

Average annual premium before Jerry: $3,000
Average annual premium after Jerry: $2,376
Miles per gallon: n/a
List price: $18,500 (2014 avg. list price)
The GMC Savana G1500 works hard whether you’re hauling people or cargo, thanks to its ladder-frame chassis. Although it lacks the style and technology of its updated competitors, the Savana is still a durable and reliable vehicle.
Enjoy a sky-high tow rating and workhorse engine: Th discontinued 1500 GMC van is a good, affordable alternative if you like the Chevrolet Express but want to save some money. Each model offers the same number of seats and equal towing capacity.

Factors that impact your car insurance rate

  • Vehicle size: A smaller vehicle is more likely to be crushed in an accident, so you may pay a higher rate to protect a small car versus a large van. However, bigger cars often have a higher replacement cost, so a small van could offer a nice balance to your insurance premium.
  • Type of vehicle: Expensive cars are often more expensive to insure because they cost more to repair or replace. As a result, you’ll find more affordable insurance rates if you drive a more popular type of car or van with everyday finishes, average engine sizes, and standard safety features.
  • Driving record: Drivers with a
    clean driving history
    are more likely to get cheap car insurance. The average cost of insurance goes up considerably if you get a speeding ticket or cause an accident because insurance companies will label you a high-risk driver.
  • Vehicle safety ratings & features: Typically, the higher your vehicle’s safety rating, the lower your insurance premium will be. Newer vehicles generally have better safety features than older ones.
  • Location: Companies use your location to determine your risk level, and higher risk translates to higher premiums. Urban drivers typically pay more for insurance because they’re at higher risk for theft and accidents.
  • Age: Studies show that older drivers are safer than
    younger drivers
    . As a result, new drivers tend to pay some of the highest insurance rates. However, after a few years of driving safely, young people can expect to grow into more affordable rates.
  • Marital status:
    Married drivers
    tend to pay slightly less for car insurance than single, divorced, or widowed drivers. Plus, you can always bundle car insurance policies with your partner to reduce overall costs.
  • Credit score (Not in all states): Statistics show that drivers with better credit scores tend to get into fewer accidents. In most states (except
    , Hawaii, and
    ), a driver with poor credit will pay more for car insurance than someone with
    a good credit score
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The Honda Odyssey is generally the cheapest van to insure. However, your driving record, location, and age will influence your individual auto insurance rates.
The cheapest cars to insure are usually sedans. Vans are usually bigger on the road, making it more likely that they will be involved in collision claims. In addition, their large cargo space means vans are more likely to be carrying valuable cargo.
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