Which Rams Have a Manual Transmission?

There are three Ram truck styles with manual transmissions: the 1500, 2500, and 3500.
Written by Cassandra Hamilton
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Ram is often the first place people look when they’re shopping for a powerful truck. Though they no longer produce manual transmissions, you can still find Ram trucks with a stick shift. You can get a manual in the 1500, 2500, or 3500.
Ask a car enthusiast which type of transmission they prefer, and most will say manual. However, stick shifts may soon go the way of the dinosaur—99% of new cars sold in 2019 had automatic transmissions.
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Does Ram still make a manual? 

No. Ram discontinued all manual transmission truck production and sales in America in 2019. You can still find new models, but they’re outdated by a couple of years. If you’re set on having a Ram with a manual transmission, you’re more likely to find pre-owned options.
However, you can check with your local dealership to see if they still have any new 2019 models available.
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Starting price: $22,187
Ram redesigned the
to be lighter and more aerodynamic than ever. With a towing capacity of 4,190-10,140 lbs, it should cover the average person’s towing needs. Coupled with a bed length of 67.2” to 98.4”, there won’t be much you can’t haul in this truck.
 The 1500 gets respectable gas mileage for a truck: 21 city and 29 highway. It has a horsepower range of 240 to 395, which is sure to power through anything you throw in its way. Plus, the max payload is 1,191-1,923 lbs.  


Starting price: $33,500
If you need a truck with a little more power, consider the
. This truck features a towing capacity of 9,910-11,890 lbs and a bed length of 76.8” to 98.4”. Its standard size is bigger than the 1500.
The max payload here is 1,466-3,060 lbs, making it more suitable for workers than casual drivers. It comes standard as a six-speed automatic, though you can opt for the six-speed manual transmission instead.


Starting price: $33,500
Now, this is a powerful truck. The
is Ram’s heavy-duty offering, best suited for those who need ultimate power and tow capacity.
Speaking of, the towing capacity on this is 10,780-11,910 lbs, so even your heaviest load won’t overwork the engine. The max payload is anywhere from 3,787-4,476 lbs—so there’s pretty much nothing this truck can’t do!
You can pick up a six-speed automatic or a six-speed manual.
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Benefits and drawbacks of a manual transmission

The never-ending debate between car enthusiasts is whether a
manual or automatic transmission
is better. Chances are, everyone falls on one side or the other of this disagreement. Perhaps you haven’t made your mind up yet, though—better consider the pros and cons of having a manual transmission. 
  • Pro: Manual transmissions are cheaper to buy than automatic.
  • Pro: Between
    of Americans can’t drive a stick, so there’s less chance your car will be stolen.
  • Pro: Repairs and maintenance are inexpensive and simple.
  • Pro: More power and control over your drive, which means more fun.
 Before you make up your mind, make sure you consider the cons too.
  • Con: It can be tough to navigate traffic congestion.
  • Con: It’s harder to drive a manual, and there are fewer drivers available to teach you how to do it since there are fewer manuals on the road.
  • Con: Despite their fuel-efficient reputation, manual transmissions
    don’t actually get better mileage
    than automatics.
Ram wasn’t one of the carmakers in 2021 who offered one of the
27 types of new cars
produced with manual transmissions in America.
Key Takeaway It might be more fun and less expensive to drive a manual, but they’re harder to find and drive.

How to find affordable Ram insurance

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This depends on what you’re looking for out of your car. When it comes to trucks, manual transmissions definitely give you more power and control. If that’s what you’re looking for, a manual option might be better for you.
Manual transmissions are more simply designed than automatic transmissions—that means there’s fewer parts to break! Your manual transmission Ram will likely give you few issues.
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