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When do I shift gears while driving?
My dad got a great deal on a car for me. The only problem is that the car has a manual transmission. I’ve never driven one before, so I’m a bit nervous. When should I shift gears?
Eric Schad
Feb 21, 2022
How do you drive a semi-automatic smart car?
I was gifted a semi-automatic smart car by my uncle. It sounds great, but I’ve never driven this type of transmission before. How do I do it? I want to enjoy my new car.
Cassandra Hamilton
Mar 23, 2022
How do I jump-start the battery on a manual shift car?
I have a manual shift car, but I'm not too confident in the battery. Is there a way to jump-start it?
Eric Schad
Nov 03, 2021
How do you slow down a car while driving?
I’m learning how to drive a manual car right now and I’m always afraid I’ll stall it if I make the wrong move. How do you slow down a manual car while you’re driving?
Liz Jenson
Feb 07, 2022
Is driving a manual worth it?
I found a great deal on an old Nissan Z car, and I want to pull the trigger. The only problem is that it’s a stick and I don’t know how to drive it. Is it worth learning how to drive a manual?
Eric Schad
Apr 01, 2022
What does power shifting mean?
I’ve heard the term power shifting a few times but I’ve never had any idea what it meant. What is it and should I learn how to do it?
Sean Boehme
Feb 28, 2022
What is rev matching?
I’m learning how to drive a stick shift, but I keep lurching forward when I shift gears. My wife (a gearshift pro) tells me I need to learn how to “rev match”. What’s rev-matching?
Jason Tushinski
Mar 31, 2022
Are all Miatas manual?
I love the look of the Mazda Miata and I’ve always wanted a two-seater convertible. My only issue is that I’m pretty sure all Miatas are manual and I don’t want to learn how to drive stick. Do Miatas come in only manual transmissions?
Eric Schad
Feb 23, 2022
What are the do's and don'ts of driving a stick shift?
I found a great deal on a used car. The only problem is that it’s a stick shift and I’ve never driven one before. I still want to buy it, but I want some tips on how to drive a manual. What are some of the do’s and don’ts of driving a manual shift car?
Eric Schad
Mar 17, 2022
What are some popular SUVs with manual transmission from 2020?
I’m in the market for a used SUV. I love the connection with the car that I feel when driving with a stick shift, but I know this is a dying trend. Can you tell me which car manufacturers made SUVs with a manual transmission in 2020?
Melissa Harvey
Apr 04, 2022
How do I adjust the clutch pedal on a Honda Civic?
I’m one of the last people on Earth who knows how to drive a manual shift (or so I like to think). The only problem is that the new Civic’s clutch is in a weird position. How do I adjust the clutch pedal on my Honda Civic?
Eric Schad
Dec 17, 2021
Are all Mini Coopers manual?
I’m looking to purchase a new vehicle, and I am enamored with the Mini Cooper for its cool-looking body style and good customer reviews. A lot of the reviews mention the Mini having a manual transmission, and I don’t know how to drive stick! Is it true that all Mini Coopers have a manual transmission?
Mary Cahill
Mar 02, 2022
What’s a clutch kick?
I was riding in my friend’s car in an empty parking lot, and he pulled this trick with the clutch that made the car start driving sideways. I asked him what he called that move, and he said it was a clutch kick. I’ve never heard this term before, what is a clutch kick?
Mary Cahill
Mar 31, 2022
How do I change gears when driving a car?
I did some research on cars and I found out I can get a better deal on a manual. The only problem is that I have no idea how to drive a stick shift. What’s the best way to shift gears when I’m driving a car?
Eric Schad
Feb 21, 2022
How long should a car clutch last?
I’ve noticed that my clutch pedal feels a little weird when I shift gears sometimes, so I’m worried that it might be getting old. How long will a car clutch usually last before it needs to be replaced?
Liz Jenson
Nov 29, 2021
Why is my clutch smoking?
Three days ago I smoked my car’s clutch. I’m not sure how this happened, but I had to keep driving. I pulled off to the side of the road and let my car cool down. After waiting I was able to drive fine, but I’m wondering why my clutch is smoking?
Lindsey Hoover
Apr 01, 2022
What is a throw-out bearing?
My mechanic says I need a new throw-out bearing. I have no clue what they’re talking about! What is a throw-out bearing?
Bonnie Stinson
Mar 24, 2022
How do you rev a manual car while driving?
Is there any way to rev a manual car without stopping first? I loved to rev my engine in my old manual car, but I recently switched to a manual and I don’t know how to do it.
Liz Jenson
Feb 08, 2022
Does driving a manual save gas?
I love driving an automatic because it’s easy, especially in traffic or on hills. However, I’m not opposed to driving a manual, as models are generally cheaper. I’ve also read that manuals can save on fuel, but I’m not sure if it’s true. Will I get more mpg with a manual?
Eric Schad
Feb 11, 2022
Is driving stick hard?
I’ve been looking around for a car to buy on the cheap for a while. I found a used stick shift car, but I’ve never driven a manual before. The price is great, but I’m apprehensive. Is it hard to drive a stick shift?
Eric Schad
Apr 01, 2022
What are the two ways to know when to shift gears?
I have fond memories of tagging along with my dad to car rallies in his restored Camaro. In particular, I was fascinated with the way he shifted gears. He taught me to drive manually, but he was always a little vague on when to shift, saying it should just “feel right.” How do you know when to shift gears?
Jasmine Kanter
Apr 01, 2022
What gear is best for uphill driving?
I just bought a manual car after always driving automatics. I’m still getting the hang of switching gears, but hills seem to trip me up every time. What gear should I use for driving uphill?
Macy Fouse
Feb 14, 2022
How do I get better at driving stick?
I really want to drive a manual car, but I can’t seem to get the hang of it. Everything I’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. What’s the best way to learn to drive a stick?
Rob Shapiro
Feb 11, 2022
How do you start driving a manual car?
I really want to learn how to drive a manual car, but I’m not sure where to start. What do I need to do in order to learn this skill? Should I get lessons?
Liz Jenson
Mar 15, 2022
How long does a clutch last?
I just bought my first manual car used, and I think the clutch might need to be replaced. How often should I expect this to happen?
Liz Jenson
Feb 19, 2022
How do I know if a car is a manual or automatic?
I know absolutely nothing about cars, but I'm in the market for one. How can I tell if it's an automatic or stick?
Eric Schad
Dec 14, 2021
What are some tips for driving manual cars?
My uncle is willing to gift me his old car, but it’s a stick shift. I’ve never driven a stick before—so what tips do I need to drive a manual?
Cassandra Hamilton
Apr 01, 2022
Why can’t you use two feet while driving?
I drove a manual car for years and used my left foot for the clutch and right foot for the gas and brake pedals. I drive an automatic now, and I can’t get used to using just my right foot. Why can’t I use two feet to drive?
Jason Tushinski
Feb 08, 2022
How do you slow down when driving a manual car?
My brother said he’ll teach me how to drive a manual, but I know if I ask him how to slow down, he’ll make fun of me. I just don’t want to stall the car by accident! How do you slow and stop a manual car properly?
Liz Jenson
Jan 21, 2022
Can you fail your driving test for coasting?
I tend to coast while I’m driving, and I’ve never thought much of it. I have a driving test coming up, but I’m worried that coasting isn’t acceptable. Will I fail my driving test for coasting?
Eric Schad
Apr 08, 2022

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