Nissan Altima Ground Clearance

The 2022 Nissan Altima’s ground clearance starts at 5.4 inches and varies marginally by trim. Read more for details.
Written by Sophie Boka
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
2022 Nissan Altima’s
ground clearance varies marginally by trim. The
base SL
actually boasts one of the higher clearances: 5.4 inches. The lowest clearance this year is found on the
S trim
, coming in at 4.9 inches.
The Altima is a tight, multifaceted vehicle—this midsize sedan can take on a bunch of cargo and passengers, yet its frame is far more compact than the family-friendly SUV, making it a sensible choice for city-dwellers. But is it ready for any adventure? How much ground can it clear?
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2022 Nissan Altima ground clearance

Ground clearance isn’t always consistent. This year’s Nissan Altima’s ground clearance varies by trim and engine. Here’s how it breaks down:
Notice a trend? When you opt for AWD, your vehicle also comes with a bit more ground clearance.

Nissan Altima ground clearance over the years

While the 2022 Altima may be the newest edition, it isn’t the only one. The Nissan Altima has been a fan favorite since it first rolled onto showroom floors back in 1992. So if yours is a year or two older, you’re in the majority of Altima owners.
As the model developed, its ground clearance stayed fairly consistent, though it did bounce around a bit throughout the years. Check out the specs from the past decade:
  • 2012: 5.0-5.4 inches
  • 2013: 5.0 inches
  • 2014: 5.0 inches
  • 2015: 5.0 inches
  • 2016: 5.0 inches
  • 2017: 5.0 inches
  • 2018: 5.0 inches
  • 2019: 5.0 inches
  • 2020: 4.9-5.4 inches
  • 2021: 5.0-5.4 inches
The takeaway? If you drive an Altima, it’s probably safe to say your vehicle is clearing ground at about 5.0 inches.
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What is ground clearance—and why does it matter?

So we’ve really drilled that 5.0 number into your head. But what exactly does it mean? And why should you care?
Ground clearance is a measurement—plain and simple. It's the distance between the lowest part of your vehicle’s chassis and the ground
Why’s this small space so important? Your ground clearance lets you know what type of road conditions your car can handle. The higher the ground clearance, the more ground you can clear—SUVs, for example, generally have pretty high ground clearance, which makes them great off-road vehicles.
Sports cars and sedans, like the Altima, generally have the lowest ground clearance. That gives them great control and makes for a smooth ride! But that also means their drivers need to be a bit more mindful when taking their car off the beaten path.
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Is the Nissan Altima a good off-road vehicle?

The Nissan Altima might make for a good off-road vehicle in a dream action sequence. In real life, not so much.
But hey, we all have different strengths. And your Altima’s strength is a silky smooth driving experience down paved roads.
That said, your vehicle can handle some rough road conditions! Light snow? As long as it's only a couple of inches, your Altima can clear it with no problem. And with snow tires, you’ll clear that ground even easier.

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