How To Get a New Hampshire Motorcycle License

To hit the road with your motorcycle in New Hampshire, you need to pass a road skills test or complete a training program.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
To get a motorcycle license in New Hampshire, you have to pass a DMV motorcycle road skills test or complete an approved motorcycle training course.
New Hampshire is a popular state for motorcycle riders, boasting one of the highest motorcycles-to-residents ratios in the nation—and it’s no wonder. With ample hills, miles of coastline, and gorgeous scenery, the Granite State is perfect for exploring on two wheels. Don’t plan to cruise on your bike without the proper motorcycle license, though!
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Do you need a license to operate a motorcycle in New Hampshire?

Yesanyone who operates a motorcycle in New Hampshire needs a current, valid motorcycle license endorsement or a New Hampshire permit. Permits from other states aren’t considered valid in New Hampshire. 
To get a motorcycle learner’s permit or license in New Hampshire, you must be either: 
  • 18 years old or older
  • 16 years old or older and have completed an approved driver's education course in addition to holding a valid New Hampshire driver’s license
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How to get a motorcycle license endorsement in New Hampshire

Thankfully, New Hampshire makes it simple to get a motorcycle license endorsement. To obtain the endorsement,  you must do one of the following: 

Once you’ve either completed the training program or passed the DMV skills test, you can apply for endorsement by
making an appointment
at the DMV. When you head to your appointment, you’ll need to bring the following with you:

  • Your current New Hampshire driver’s license
  • Check, credit card, or cash to pay the $30 fee
  • Your proof of completion from either the skills test or the training program
If you paid for a motorcycle learner’s permit within a year of applying for a motorcycle endorsement, the $30 fee is waived. 

How to get a motorcycle permit in New Hampshire

While a motorcycle learner’s permit isn’t always mandatory in New Hampshire, it’s a good idea to get one—especially if you could use some extra practice. 
To apply for a permit, you’ll need to make an appointment at a local DMV office. Make sure you have the following items with you when you go: 
  • Your completed license application 
  • Your current New Hampshire driver’s license
  • Payment method for the $30 fee
At your appointment, you’ll also be required to pass a
vision test
and a
knowledge exam
. Drivers under 18 have to complete the motorcycle training program and provide a
parent permission form
when applying. 
Once you have your motorcycle permit, you’re allowed to drive a motorcycle on any New Hampshire road between sunrise and sunset with no passengers. The permit will be valid for 45 days or until you get your motorcycle license, whichever comes first. 

How to save on car and motorcycle insurance in New Hampshire

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Yes. To get a motorcycle license endorsement in New Hampshire, you either have to pass a motorcycle road skills test at the DMV or complete a training program.
Driving a motorcycle without the proper license in New Hampshire will earn you a $100 fine.
Yes—motorcycle insurance is optional under New Hampshire state law.
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