How to use Acura Park Assist

Park Assist has been available on certain Acura models for quite some time now, but Acura does not offer a self-parking or semi-autonomous parking feature.
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Pat Roache
Many Acura models have been available with park assist sensors that let you know when you’re getting too close to another vehicle or object, but none have ever been able to park themselves.
Acura is Honda’s luxury division, producing high-end automotive hits with plenty of great features. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use Acura park assist, what it can—and can’t—do, and which Acura vehicles you can expect to find this feature on.

How to activate Acura Parking Sensor System

The Acura Parking Sensor System button is usually located on the lower part of the dash to the left of your steering wheel. It has a picture that looks like a “P” using its telepathic powers on an isosceles triangle. Sometimes these buttons push in to activate, while others are made to be switched on by pulling them. In most cases, a green light comes on to indicate that the Parking Sensor System is engaged.
This park assist system works with your Acura’s backup camera and will beep at varying frequencies to indicate your distance from an obstacle that it senses. As you get closer to the obstacle, the zones on your infotainment screen will light up red and the beeping will get faster, warning you that you are approaching the obstacle.
Bear in mind that this system doesn’t necessarily do anything to stop you from actually hitting the obstacle. Some newer Acura models may have automatic braking systems that will kick in if you’re about to back into something, but it’s usually up to you to manage the brake before you hit the obstacle behind you.
Keeping good control of the speed of your vehicle is the key to making the right moves when parking. It’s best to keep your speed below 5 mph when using the parking sensor system. Objects are usually detected by the system within 43 inches from the sensor.
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Do all Acuras have Park Assist?

Most Acuras have this sensor-based park assist system, but no Acura model has offered a semi-autonomous or self-driving parking system. Rear parking sensors have become standard equipment on many new vehicles, so you can expect this system to be present on pretty much any newer Acura that you come across.

Which Acuras have parking sensors?

Most Acura models made since 2017 have been available with parking sensors, but it hasn’t been a common standard feature—meaning you have to pay extra to add it at the dealership. Parking sensor systems can be found on models as old as the 2015
Acura MDX
and new models like the 2023
Acura TLX
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