How to Remote Start Your Subaru Outback

If your Subaru Outback is equipped with remote start, you can use your key fob or the MySubaru app to start it from a distance.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
To start your
Subaru Outback
remotely, push the lock button on your key fob then hold the button down until your Outback’s horn honks and the lights flash—but make sure your car is in a well-ventilated space to keep safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  • To remote start a Subaru Outback, you can use your key fob or the MySubaru app.
  • Remote starting your Subaru will also enable your Outback’s climate control system and any electronics left on during your last drive.
  • The Outback isn’t the only Subaru equipped with remote start.
  • Older model Subarus can have aftermarket or OEM remote start systems installed.

How to remote start your Subaru Outback

The most recent models of the Subaru Outback allow you two different methods to remote start your vehicle: 
  • With your key fob 
  • Using your mobile device via the MySubaru app
In most cases, you can start your car’s engine remotely from up to 400 feet away—but you’ll have better luck trying within 100 feet. 
Follow these easy steps to use your Outback’s OEM remote engine starter from near or far. 

Starting the car with a key fob

  • Quickly push and release the “lock” button twice on your key fob
  • Press and hold the “lock” button for three seconds
  • Wait for the horn to honk and signal lights to flash, signaling that the car has started
Your Outback’s engine will run for 15 minutes before automatically shutting off. Your car will stay locked when you remotely start the engine. 
Starting your car remotely will activate your climate control system, defaulting to whatever temperature you set it to before turning your car off. You can keep your car on Auto Mode to improve your vehicle temperature preconditioning, though. 

Turning off the engine with the key fob

  • Press and hold the “lock” button for three seconds

Starting the car with the MySubaru app

  • Download the “MySubaru” app, then tap the icon on your device
  • Sign in to your MySubaru account or make a new one at
    with your car’s VIN
  • Open Subaru Starlink Connected Services, then Remote Engine Start
  • Touch the “Start” button and enter your PIN
  • The turn signal lights will flash before the engine starts
When you start your Subaru with the app, the engine will stay running for five to ten minutes before shutting off, depending on your setting. To turn it off, just tap the “Engine Stop” button and enter your PIN. 
You can also adjust engine runtime and climate settings in the app. 

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Subaru Outback remote start system tips and tricks

We’ve got some handy tips to consider before trying to remote start your Subaru Outback:
  • Only start your Outback in a well-ventilated area: Starting your engine in an enclosed area like a garage can accumulate toxic levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Only remote start an empty vehicle: Don’t start your car if a pet or child is present or in the vehicle. 
  • Turn everything off each time you leave your car: Switching off your radio, windshield wipers, and headlights before leaving your car ensures the systems won’t deplete your battery when you’re using remote engine starting in low temperatures. 
  • Make sure your key isn’t in the car: The remote start function will only work if the key fob is outside of the Outback. 
  • Park away from flammable materials: Don’t start your Subaru near any flammable material—just to be on the safe side. 

Subaru models with remote start

The Outback may be one of the most iconic Subaru models, but there are plenty of other models with the remote start feature: 
If your Outback or other Subaru isn’t currently equipped with remote start and keyless entry, you can have a genuine OEM remote start kit installed at your nearest dealership, or install an aftermarket kit of your own.
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