How to Remote Start Your Ford Explorer

Ford makes it easy to use your Explorer’s remote start feature with the option to either use your key fob or the FordPass app.
Written by Sophie Boka
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Ford makes it easy to remote start your
Ford Explorer
: simply click and hold the “2x” button on your key fob or the “Start Engine” button on the FordPass app. Before you do either, be sure your Explorer has plenty of ventilation. A carbon monoxide buildup could take this feature from cool to chaos.
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How to remote start your Ford Explorer

First, make sure you’re within 300 feet of your vehicle, which is about the length of a football field. Then, get those fingers ready for some button-pressing.

Starting the car

  • Click the lock button on your
    key fob
  • Press the 2x button twice.
  • Ensure your Explorer’s lights flash twice. Then, you’re set!
Once on, your engine and your heating or
cooling system
will be activated. You can set your vehicle to remain running for five, 10, or 15 minutes. Need a bit of extra time? Follow the first two steps again to tack on another interval. You can extend your engine’s running time for up to 35 minutes

Turning off the engine

  • Press the 2x button once.
No longer need to take that drive? A change of plans is a click away. Just make sure your vehicle’s lights have turned off. Sometimes, you need to be a bit closer for the vehicle to turn off remotely

Ford Explorer remote start tips and tricks

Congrats! You’ve got the basics covered. But before you hit the road, you’ll want to make sure you check out these tips and tricks:
  • Research engine idling laws in your state. Some states are particular about if, how, and when you can remote start your vehicle.
  • Ensure your vehicle is well ventilated! If it’s not (i.e. if it’s in the garage) it could create a dangerous carbon monoxide build-up.
  • Your fob can do more than start your engine and set your climate. Your pre-set seat, mirror, and steering-column positions may also be activated through your settings.
  • Remember: remote start will not work if the ignition is on, the transmission is not in “Park,” the battery is low, fuel is low, or the service engine light is on.
  • Can’t find your fob? You can remote start from your phone! Simply download the FordPass app, sign-in, and get started.
Key Takeaway Before you remote start your vehicle, check up on engine idling laws and ensure your vehicle is well ventilated to avoid carbon monoxide buildup. 
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Which Ford models come with remote start?

As time goes by, more
models are built standard with the remote start feature. Check out the expanding roster of models that can be started from the comfort of your home:

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Believe it or not, Ford Explorers have been able to remote start since the ‘80s! Ever since then, the feature has been more customizable, and the feature has become integrated into the majority of Ford models.
If you’re in range, it should take no more than five seconds to remote start your Ford Explorer.
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