How to Remote Start your Dodge Journey

You can start your Dodge Journey remotely using either your key fob or the Uconnect app’s start engine feature.
Written by Sean Boehme
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jun 17, 2022
If you have a
Dodge Journey
with remote start, you should be able to activate it with a button on your key fob. If that isn’t the case, you may need to connect your vehicle to the Uconnect mobile app.
There is nothing worse than shivering as you drive to work, but cars tend to take a while to warm up. If you want a warm commute and don’t feel like walking outside to start your car minutes before you leave, you’ll need a car with a remote start option.
But does your car have remote start and, if so, how do you use it?
, the
car insurance
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, is here to break down what you need to know about Dodge Journey remote start

How to remote start your Dodge Journey

Although remote start on the Dodge Journey has a range of just 80 feet, you should have no problem with it if you’re inside your home and your car is right outside. Let's take a look at how you can get started assuming you have the feature built in.
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Starting the car

  • Locate the remote start button on your key fob
  • Press the button twice
  • Watch to see if your car’s lights flash
Just like that, your engine will start! Allowing your engine to run for a little will
warm up
your car and, once you get in, you should be able to blast the heat without issue. 

Turning off the engine

  • Press the remote start button while the car is running
Turning off your engine is just as easy and a great option if you decide you aren’t going anywhere or if you need more time to get ready. You never want to leave your engine running for more than 10 minutes on its own.

Remote start with Uconnect

Some newer Dodge models are compatible with Uconnect, a mobile app with a feature that allows you to start your car remotely. Assuming your car is both compatible and connected to the app, all you have to do to start your engine is:
  • Press down on the circular engine
  • Enter your PIN for the app
  • Confirm you’d like to start the engine
Many people prefer starting their car using their phone rather than a
key fob
, so don’t be surprised if apps like Uconnect continue to grow in popularity.

Dodge Journey remote start tips and tricks

Planning on trying out remote start on your next
cold winter morning
? Keep these tips in mind before you do:
  • Starting an engine while your car is indoors is extremely dangerous as your car will produce and build up toxic fumes. Make sure your car is outside if you’re going to use this feature.
  • Make sure your Dodge is not near any flammable materials when you start it up and don’t leave it running for an extended period without checking on it.
  • Explore some of the other features available with the Uconnect app such as the ability to lock and unlock your Dodge remotely.
Key Takeaway Although the remote start feature is convenient, you still need to take all of the safety precautions that you would if you were inside the car. 

Which Dodge models come with remote start?

If you aren’t sure whether or not your Dodge has a remote start, you should be able to check with your key fob. A button that has “x2” written on it and a revolving arrow is the one you need for remote start.
Recent Dodge cars including the 2020 Dodge Journey are compatible with Uconnect, which means that they have access to remote start no matter what. You can also enjoy the many other features that are available when you connect your car to the app, which is something you should consider when deciding between a newer and older model.

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