How to Remove the Second-Row Seats from a FIAT 500

There are a few different ways to remove the seats on a FIAT 500, depending on which model you have—and don’t forget to follow Jerry’s hot safety tips!
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
There are a few different ways that you might need to go about removing the back seat on a
FIAT 500
, depending on the version you have. You either have to unscrew the bolts it may be held on by, find the clip system to release a back seat fastened in the way, or remove just two bolts in the event that you have a FIAT 500 rear seat with a folding system.
Regardless of what you need the extra space for, being able to remove the back seat from your FIAT 500 can be a real game-changer, considering how compact the 500 is. Take note, removing a seat from your vehicle can certainly be physically demanding, so stay safe out there!
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. We’ll take you through the process of getting your FIAT 500’s rear seat out, no matter which version you have!
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Can you remove the second-row seats from a FIAT 500?

Yes, the back seats of a FIAT 500 are removable, but removing them can vary in difficulty, depending on which version of the 500 you have. You’ll need to take caution when doing anything with force to your vehicle—it's never fun realizing you’ve stripped a bolt or snapped the plastic of a latch. 
For your own safety and peace of mind, follow these tips before you get down and dirty removing your back seat:
  • Double-check your airbags. Make sure you know what you’re disconnecting by removing a full seat! And when in doubt, check your
    owner’s manual
  • Consider adding a rug to the floor. Removing a seat sometimes means exposing metal parts that can jut out from the floor and cause serious stubbed toes. To prevent injuries and tie the room together, try laying down a rug or floor cover.
  • Don’t lose the bolts! If removing your FIAT 500’s back seat means removing bolts, keep the bolts somewhere safe where you will remember them.
Now that that’s out of the way, we’re ready to get down to business. Remember that some 500 models (like the 2019 model) have folding seats. Folding your seats down will be way easier than popping them out completely, and this may achieve enough additional cargo space to suit your needs.

How to remove the second-row seats from a FIAT 500

To get that extra space you’ve been craving, just follow these steps:
  1. Determine how your rear seat is secured to the car. You’re looking for either:
  2. A four-bolt attachment
  3. A clip system on the underside of the seat, or
  4. A folding system with two front bolts
  • Undo attachments fastening the seat to the car floor.
  • Remove the bolts. If the seat is simply bolted on in four spots, remove the two back nuts from your trunk using a Torx bit, and then remove the two front nuts by unscrewing them
  • Lift the metal part of the seat removal clip, using a screwdriver to press the plastic part of the clip if extra help is needed, until the seat attachment is released
  • Tilt the seat forward and remove the two Torx nuts holding the seat to the chassis
  • Lift the seats out of your 500. Pull straight up to be sure all latches, attachments, and potential snags are cleared.
  • Remove debris from the car and add a floor cover for your safety and optimal decorative ambiance.
  • And just like that, assuming all went smoothly between steps one and four, you’ve got a little FIAT 500 with a lot more floor space!
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    How do you put the back seats down in a FIAT 500?

    Once again, there are a few ways your particular FIAT 500 might handle the back seat folding mechanism.
    The first possibility is the good old-fashioned strap/string mechanism. Look for the straps or strings between the gaps in the seats and just pull on them to release the folding mechanism.
    Alternatively, your 500’s back seat might be foldable via a pushable button found on the backrest that releases the mechanism locking the seat in its upright position.
    And finally, you may just need to pull a lever around where the seat belt locking clip is. Just pull the lever while pushing the seat to fold it.
    For detailed instructions with pictures, you can find digital copies of the owner’s manuals online. Just Google “[model year] fiat 500 owners manual,” and you should be able to find what you’re looking for! Or, if you’re lucky enough to still have a copy of your physical owner’s manual, you can just read that!
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    Yes! Depending on the sort of FIAT 500 you have, it will require more or less effort to successfully remove its back seats.
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