All You Need to Know About I-99

Interstate 99 runs north/south from rural central Pennsylvania to US 15 in New York.
Written by Olivia Rose
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Interstate 99 (I-99) runs for 98.8 miles total. It begins just north of Bedford, PA and runs concurrently with US 15 in New York before it ends in Corning, New York. 
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and take a ride from Pennsylvania to New York? You might find yourself on I-99 for that trek—and we’ll make sure you’re covered with everything you need to know about the interstate. 
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Today, we’re taking a look at Interstate 99. 

What is an interstate highway?

An interstate highway is simply a highway that goes through two or more states, although there are a few exceptions to that rule. Some interstates even cross the entire country, making them great highways for road trips. 

What states does I-99 run through?

Interstate 99 is definitely on the smaller side as far as interstates go—it only runs through two states!
I-99 mostly winds through central
(85.78 miles) and then up to southern
New York
(13.08 miles). The section of the interstate in New York—beginning at New York’s border with Pennsylvania—is actually concurrent with US 15. 
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Major interchanges on I-99

Interstate 99 is nearly as small as interstates come—so you probably won’t get super derailed if you happen to miss your exit on the highway. Here are some major interchanges to keep an eye out for in Pennsylvania and New York: 
  • 1-76 at Wolfsburg, PA
  • PA 56 by Bedford County Airport, PA
  • PA 869 at Blair County, PA
  • PA 164 at East Freedom, PA
  • US 322 (Mount Litany Interchange)
  • NY 417 at Canisteo, NY
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Best places to eat along I-99

Don’t worry—we’ll make sure you are well fed for your trip along I-99. Here’s some great eats to fuel you on your drive:
    Mamma Lucrezia’s Italian Restaurant
    (Bellefonte, PA): Dine in or get takeout from this modern Italian joint. We recommend Mamma Lucrezia’s as a dinner spot—they are open Tuesday through Thursday 4–9 pm, Friday and Saturday 2–9:30pm, and closed Sunday and Monday. 
  • Hofbrau
    (Bellefonte, PA): Pick up some classic Italian pizza or enjoy wings with house-made sauces. Open 4–9pm. 
  • Axemann Brewery
    (Bellefonte, PA): If you’re not feeling like Italian in Bellefonte, Axemann is a great stop. Get craft beer (or a cocktail) and stroll around to check out the food trucks (yeah, you read that right) from 11am–8pm. 
  • Horn O Plenty
    (Bedford, PA): This New American restaurant is a great pull out if you’re in the mood for a nice sit-down dinner. Make sure to
    make a reservation
    if you want to secure a table! Horn O Plenty is open 11am–8pm. 
  • 10/09 Kitchen
    (Bedford, PA): This chef-owned operation with a tavern-style dining room has a dish for everyone—whether it’s refreshing caprese, rich five cheese ravioli, or a prime beef burger. Open Tuesday through Saturday 5–8:30pm. 
Pro Tip If your heart is set on visiting a certain restaurant, make sure it’s open before you hit the road! We’d hate for you to drive all the way out and find your restaurant of choice is closed for the day. 
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What is there to do on I-99?

Even though it’s on the shorter side, I-99 has no shortage of entertainment! Take a look at some of our recommendations—especially if you want to entertain family on your road trip:

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