Guide for the 1995 Corvette

The 1995 Corvette is a classic and affordable sports car.
Written by Sarah Williams
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The 1995 Corvette was well-received by both enthusiasts and critics for its impressive acceleration, road grip, and handling. With the upcoming launch of the C5 in 1997, Corvette made minimal changes to the existing coupe and convertible, and 1995 was the last year to produce the ZR-1. 
Corvette's changes included further refinements to the LT1 engine, drive train, and transmission. Also, brand new Bosch V ABS (anti-lock brakes) were added to every model. Not all the changes were mechanical, however. 
Cosmetically, the 1995 Chevrolet Corvette was a much more refined-looking car. The fender vents were redesigned to feature a “fish gill” appearance with slightly flared cowling. A new paint color was also introduced—Dark Purple Metallic. 
The original costs for a 1995 Corvette were in the $31,000-$46,000 range, depending on the trim. Now you can buy one used for around $10,000. 
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Ownership costs for a 1995 Corvette 

Originally the 1995 Corvette came at the cost of $36,785 for the coupe, $43,665 for the convertible, and $31,258 for the ZR-1. 
The buyer could add additional features for an extra cost. These features consisted of power seats, stereo systems, adjustable suspension packs, and much more. 1995 was also the first year to offer the option to remove features for a credit. 
These days, the used prices depend on the vehicle's condition, the trim, and any additional features that have been added. CarGurus estimates an average cost of $10,651.

Where to buy a 1995 Corvette

To buy a 1995 Corvette, check out
Classic Cars
Kelly Blue Book
, or
Corvette forums
are another great place to find listings, tips, and more. 
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What does the 1995 Corvette bring to the table? 

Despite the minimal changes added to the 1995 Corvette, it received much praise from enthusiasts and critics alike. Its exceptional acceleration, secure road grip, and superior handling are of particular note. 

Strengths and weaknesses of the 1995 Corvette

Before purchasing your used 1995 Corvette, take a look at what you can expect from your new-to-you ride—both good and bad. 

The good: acceleration

The 1995 Corvette’s LT1 engine received several upgrades that boosted its output to 300bhp
A report in AutoWeekly summed it up perfectly: the 1995 Corvette had the “amenities and acceleration of a modern passenger car and none of the temperament of a race car.”
If you’ve got a need for speed and a love for classic cars, the 1995 Corvette is for you. 

The good: road grip

1995 was the third year that Corvette paced the Indie 500. When it comes to making cars that can handle everyday use and still perform at the race tracks, Corvette doesn’t mess around. 
A key for any good race car is road grip. Road grip gives the tires the traction the driver needs to maintain control around corners or when braking or accelerating. 
The 1995 Corvette was praised in particular for its intense road grip. 

The good: superior handling 

What does it mean for a car to have superior handling? Essentially it means that the car is exceptionally responsive when the driver turns. The 1995 Corvette can go around corners at higher speeds and is less likely to lose control if the driver swerves. 
Not only does good handling improve the safety of the vehicle, but it also improves the entire driving experience. 

The bad: weather stripping 

All late-model C4 Corvettes are known for having issues with weather stripping. Unfortunately, the weather stripping is not very durable and is expensive to repair. 
Two places to keep an eye on are the windshield base and the coupe hatchback. The weather stripping in these spots often cracks, rips, or tears.

The bad: A/C problems

The 1995 Corvette is known to be susceptible to two A/C problems:
  1. Failed A/C Controller Module–you can’t raise or lower the temperature in the cabin by pushing the up and down buttons on the dash.
  2. Bad A/C Program Module–you’ll see the air conditioning blowing on the floor or through the defrost vents only, and not through the dash vents. 
Depending on the climate you live in, malfunctioning A/C may or may not be a deal-breaker. 
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The bottom line—which 1995 Corvette to buy

When it comes to deciding which trim level to buy for your 1995 Corvette, it all depends on what you are looking for. 
For the best combination of cost, speed, and legacy, we recommend the 1995 Corvette ZR-1. The horsepower of the ZR-1 led to it becoming one of the most desirable and collectible cars of its class. 
Not only that, but 1995 was the last year the ZR-1 was produced, driven off the assembly line for the final time on April 28, 1995. This car is a piece of Corvette legacy–and it’s the most affordable option of its year. 

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