Chevy Avalanche Climate Control Reset

You can reset the climate control system in Chevy Avalanche by setting the AC to auto and removing the HVAC fuse.
Written by Patrick Price
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If your Chevy Avalanche’s climate control system isn’t working properly, you should try resetting the HVAC system by removing the HVAC fuse from the fuse box
The Chevy Avalanche has dual-zone automatic climate controls, HVAC vents in the rear, and convenient remote controls. When it’s functioning properly, this system allows the driver and passengers to control their own AC/heating settings.  
Unfortunately, sometimes the system fails—and driving with a faulty climate control system can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Before taking your Chevy in for expensive
car repairs
, you can try resetting the climate control system. 
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Chevy Avalanche climate control reset instructions

There are all sorts of issues that can cause your climate control system to malfunction. Often, the issue has something to do with a glitch in the computer that controls the system. 
If this is the issue, you can normally resolve it by resetting or “calibrating” the climate control system. Here’s what you’ll need to do:
Step 1: Start the car. Start your Chevy’s engine and allow it to run for 2-3 minutes. 
Step 2: Set your AC controls to the automatic setting. Next, turn the control dial for your climate control system to the “auto” setting. 
Step 3: Shut off the engine. Once your AC is set to auto, shut off the engine. 
Step 4: Locate the fuse box. In your Chevy Avalanche, the fuse box is under the hood on the driver's side. 
Step 5: Locate and remove the HVAC fuse. The HVAC fuse should be clearly labeled; it’s a red 10-volt fuse. Remove it and then wait. After 60 seconds have passed, re-install the fuse. 
Step 6: Start the engine. Once the fuse is back in place, restart the engine. Make sure that you don’t touch any of the AC controls. Give the system another 2-3 minutes to calibrate. Then, shut the engine off again. 
If you’ve followed the steps precisely, the climate control system in your Chevy Avalanche should have reset itself. After that, the system should start working normally again. 
If it’s still not working, there may be a more serious issue going on. 

Other reasons your Chevy Avalanche A/C isn’t working

If resetting the climate control system doesn’t resolve your problem, you’re probably dealing with one of the following issues: 

Lack of refrigerant

The most common issue with Avalanche AC systems is a simple lack of refrigerant. If the refrigerant in your Chevy has run low or leaked out, the system will not turn on. 
It’s very easy to just refill the coolant when this happens—just make sure to find and plug any leaks so that the problem doesn’t reoccur. 

Faulty condenser or clutch cycling switch 

The condenser and the clutch cycling switch are two components that are absolutely necessary for the AC to work properly. If either one isn’t working, the entire climate control system will fail. 

Blower motor

If your system isn’t blowing any air at all, then you most likely have a bad blower motor. If this is the case, you’ll need to
get your Chevy blower motor replaced

Blend door

A component called the blend door regulates how much cooled and heated air enters your car’s seating area, but it can often get jammed. This will cause erratic and inconsistent temperatures. 

How to diagnose a Chevy Avalanche climate control malfunction

The issues listed above are just a few of the possible problems that might affect your Chevy Avalanche’s climate control system—there are many more. It could be anything from an old air filter to a broken AC condenser. 
The only way to know for sure what’s causing your climate control system to malfunction is to use an OBD-II scanning tool. Use the scanner to get a trouble code, which will tell you exactly what the problem is. 
If you’d rather not get an OBDII scanner, you can always just take your Avalanche to a professional mechanic—they’ll be able to diagnose your AC trouble. 

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