Cadillac Paint Codes

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Rachel Rigolino
Updated on Apr 4, 2022 · 3 min read
paint codes are listed on the service parts identification sticker, which will be located in one of several places depending on your model. Another approach is to use your Vehicle Identification Number—or VIN—to find your vehicle’s paint codes on an online database.
Are you kidding me? That’s all you can think when you see the fine scratches running down the shiny driver’s side door of your
, no doubt due to someone careless in the grocery store parking lot. They don’t come off, even when you grab a rag from the trunk and try to buff them out with a bit of compound.
In situations like these, you’ll need to perform a paint touch-up yourself or take the car in to a professional. This guide provided by
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car insurance
app, explains how to find your Cadillac paint codes so you can get your high-end vehicle fixed in no time. 
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Where can I find my Cadillac’s paint code?

To find Cadillac paint codes, you’ll first need to find the service parts identification sticker on your vehicle. The code is listed there alongside other helpful information. Here are the locations you’ll find the sticker, depending on your model:
Wheel well of spare tire
Under trunk lid
On CD storage door in trunk
Cover panel of spare tire
Cover of the spare tire or in wheel well
Cover of the spare tire or under trunk lid
Cover of the spare tire or in wheel well
Under trunk lid or cover of the spare tire
Glove box
Under trunk lid
Right rear door jam or under trunk lid or cover of spare tire
Under the lid of rear compartment
Cover of the spare tire or in wheel well
Under the cover of the right rear compartment
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Pro Tip When reading Cadillac paint codes, look for these letters before the paint codes: BC/CC U. BC=base coat; CC=clear coat; U=upper or body color.

What if there’s no paint code on the car’s label?

Don’t worry if you can’t find your service parts identification sticker or if the sticker is so worn that you can’t make out the numbers. Using your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can easily look up Cadillac paint codes, and the codes specific to your Cadillac model and year. 
A VIN is a 17 character combination of letters and numbers and, depending upon your model, it can be found in these places:
  • In the glovebox
  • On the driver’s side door in various locations
  • Underneath the hood
  • The frame on the passenger’s side
  • In the engine compartment, on the left side
  • Driver’s side of windshield
Still can’t find the VIN? Not to fear—your VIN is also located on your vehicle’s title and registration documents.
Here’s a
Cadillac paint code cross-reference
if you run into trouble. 

Where can I get paint for my Cadillac?

Today, there are many places to find touch-up paint for your Cadillac. Once you have the Cadillac paint codes for your vehicle, you can go to an auto supply store or order paint online from a reputable site. You will need to purchase a base coat and a clear coat.
If the scratched area has removed all the paint and you see bare metal or plastic, also purchase a primer pen. You’ll want to put down a primer before the color.

Paint touch-up tips

You may already know this from painting rooms in your house or apartment, but it’s worth repeating: when painting, do your prep work and take your time. The following tips should get you started:
  • Test and practice. Always test the touch-up paint you’ve purchased before actually applying it to your Cadillac. Apply it to a clean piece of metal and hold it up against the area you are about to touch up to see what it looks like. 
Once you have the correct color, practice with the paint brush or touch-up pen. While you don’t want to waste a lot of paint, taking a few minutes to get the feel for how the paint applies will be well worth it.
  • Choose the right day to paint. Don’t paint on a cold, rainy day. Most paint cures best when there’s little humidity. 
  • Prep the area(s) you are painting. Sometimes people are so eager to fix a scratch, they forget to prep the area. Be sure to wash the area, and if needed, use wax remover. 
  • If needed, apply a primer. Sometimes a scratch is so deep that it exposes bare metal or plastic. If this is the case, apply a very thin coat of primer and allow it to dry for at least 20-30 minutes. 
  • Apply the base coat. Apply several thin coats, being sure to let each coat dry thoroughly. Don’t rush this part.
  • Apply the clear coat. Experts recommend floating the clear coat over the base coat paint—never press down. And as you did with the base coat application, apply more than one layer of the clear coat. Be sure to allow at least 20-30 minutes between coats.
  • Do not buff or wax your vehicle immediately. Wait at least three days before putting any kind of polish on the area so that the paint cures.
If you take your time to do your research, prep, and practice, you should be able to get good results.

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