What To Do If Your 2007 Scion TC Trunk Won’t Open

A stuck or broken trunk latch could be the reason your 2007 Scion TC trunk won’t open—here’s how to fix that.
Written by Kathryn Mae Kurlychek
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If your 2007 Scion TC trunk doesn’t open, you could be dealing with a stuck or broken trunk latch. Luckily, there’s an emergency trunk release that you can access by pulling down the 60/40-split rear seat in your Scion. 
If a broken latch is to blame for your trunk woes, it’s probably a good idea to get your Scion checked out by a professional even after you’ve gotten the trunk open once again. Here with tips to help you safely open your stuck Scion trunk and save money on
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What to do if your 2007 Scion TC trunk won’t open

If you can’t get your 2007 Scion TC trunk to open by pressing the release latch or hitting the button on your key fob, it’s wise to troubleshoot the situation before you drop any money on a mechanic. 

Most common cause: a stuck or broken trunk latch

If you’ve unlocked the vehicle, but the trunk still won’t open, a stuck or broken latch could be to blame. 
All too often, Scion TC drivers have reported issues with a stuck or broken trunk latch. Surprisingly, rain is a prevalent catalyst among stuck latch complaints—for one reason or another, wet weather seems to make your trunk latch stickier. 
If this is the problem, you’ll likely notice that every other part of the trunk-opening process is normal—that is, you’ll probably still hear the clunking noise that signals your trunk latch has unlocked. Likewise, if you press down on your trunk's exterior lid, you’ll hear the latch click back into place. So as far as you can tell, the trunk is unlocked—it just won’t open!
To loosen things up, you may have to clean the hatch seals with silicone lube. If that doesn’t work, you may have to replace the latch entirely—a job best left in the hands of a mechanic. 

Other possible causes

A broken latch may not always be the issue—here are a few other possible causes for your Scion TC’s trunk not opening: 
  • Disconnected cable: The trunk power cable (which connects directly to the trunk release latch) can sometimes come loose or disconnect, resulting in a latch that won’t respond. 
  • Electrical problem: In some cases, the trunk power cable fuse can blow, resulting in a stuck trunk. 
  • Broken key fob: In this instance, the problem may not be with your trunk at all! Make sure the battery in your key fob isn’t dead before making any major trunk repairs. 
If you suspect one of the above issues could be to blame for your Scion trunk troubles, don’t delay bringing your vehicle to a local dealership. An automotive diagnostic specialist will look closely at your vehicle’s door locks, fuse box, electrical systems, and any other components behind your trunk’s failure to open.

How to manually open a 2007 Scion TC trunk 

Going to an auto shop is a surefire fix—but if you can’t delay getting into your Scion TC’s trunk, there is a way to open it manually
There’s an emergency trunk release inside the 2007 Scion TC, which you can access from inside the vehicle. But to get to it, you’ll have to pull down the 60/40 split rear seats in your Scion, then reach inside the trunk. 
On the inside of your trunk, you’ll notice a small, centrally-located rectangular panel. This panel corresponds with the location of your trunk’s release latch on the outside—and can be easily removed to trigger the release lever manually. 
Just remove the panel, then use a finger or screwdriver to press down on the release lever to unlock your trunk latch. And you’re in! 

Cost of trunk repair for 2007 Scion TC 

The cost of repairing your Scion’s trunk could vary depending on the nature of your problem. 
In the case of a stuck or broken latch, the average cost of a replacement latch is about $300. But once you factor in labor costs, you could face a bill over $400! On the other hand, repairing something simpler like a trunk latch release cable will cost you less—just $73 for a new cable, plus about $100 in labor. 
If all you need is a
trunk latch adjustment
, you’ll only have to pay for labor, not parts, and you can expect to spend around $100 or less, depending on the location and the shop. 
Scion trunk repairs are fairly affordable, but you could face a significantly higher bill when your trunk doesn’t open due to body damage. Having a Scion TC insurance policy that includes
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can reduce those pricey repair bills in the event of a covered claim!
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