Does Progressive Have a Defensive Driving Discount?

Progressive may not offer a defensive driving discount in all states, but drivers can leverage other discounts to save on car insurance.
Written by Jaya Anandjit
Edited by Jessica Barrett
doesn’t advertise a defensive driving discount but you might be able to get one in some states. Policyholders can sign up for Progressive’s Snapshot program to earn a
car insurance
discount for demonstrating safe driving habits. 

Progressive doesn’t offer a defensive driving discount 

Progressive does not publicly offer a discount for completing a driver education or defensive driver course course. 
In some states—for example, New York—car insurance companies are required to provide discounts to policyholders who complete a defensive driving course. If you have a valid defensive driving certificate, you may be eligible for a Progressive discount depending on your location.
Pro Tip Contact your Progressive insurance agent and ask if you qualify for a defensive driving discount. Depending on your state, you may be eligible for savings.  

Progressive Snapshot helps you save for being a safe driver

While Progressive doesn’t advertise a defensive driving discount, the company offers a usage-based insurance program that rewards good drivers with a lower rate for safe driving. 
Safe driving isn’t quite the same as defensive driving, but being a defensive driver is a key part of being a safe driver. With Snapshot, Progressive customers can: 
  • Log trips and demonstrate safe driving habits through a mobile app or plug-in device
  • Get an automatic discount just for participating (for new policyholders)
  • Receive a personalized rate at renewal based on Snapshot driving skills results
  • Save an average of $231 a year
app screenshot
Keep in mind: Snapshot can increase your rates if you engage in risky driving behavior.
If you want to improve your driving habits without that risk, the
app offers a feature that can help you become a better driver and earn perks without the risk of rate hikes.
You’ll be able to track your trips, get tips to become a safer driver, and earn points that can get you great rewards.

Other ways to save on car insurance with Progressive

Progressive’s defensive driving discount may not be accessible in all states. Luckily, other widely available
car insurance discounts
can help Progressive policyholders save on car insurance coverage:
  • Automatic payments: If you don’t pay your premium in full, you can set up automatic payments from a credit card, debit card, or checking account for discount eligibility. 
  • Continuous insurance: Hold a Progressive policy for a minimum of six months to gain a loyal customer discount that increases with time. 
  • Multi-policy discount: Save an average of 5% on your Progressive policy when you bundle your auto insurance with homeowners’ or renters’ insurance. 
  • Teen driver: Earn a discount when you add a driver to your policy who is 18 years old or younger.
  • Paperless: Get a discount when you choose to receive your Progressive documents by email. 
  • Good student: Progressive’s good student discount offers average savings of 10% for full-time students under the age of 23 who maintain a B average or higher.
  • Homeowner: Earn a homeowner discount for simply owning a home, even if it isn’t insured by Progressive. 
Pro Tip If Progressive’s discounts don’t suffice, you can compare car insurance quotes from different insurance providers to find cheap car insurance that fits your budget.


Does Progressive offer a pay-in-full discount?

Yes, Progressive offers a pay-in-full auto insurance discount that rewards you with a lower rate if you pay your premium in full at the beginning of your car insurance policy term. Progressive’s pay-in-full discount is available in most states except California.

Does a defensive driving course reduce your insurance rate in Texas?

Drivers in Texas can secure a lower auto insurance rate after completing defensive driving classes. Most driver safety course discounts help policyholders save an average of 10% on Texas coverage. 

Does Progressive raise your rates after the first 6 months?

Progressive may raise your car insurance rate after six months if you are a new customer who files a claim. Additionally, you may see a rate increase if moving violations are added to your driving record within the first six months of your Progressive policy.
Drivers typically see an increase in their car insurance at renewal due to market forces like inflation—so even if you don’t make a claim and have a clean driving record, your car insurance premiums could increase. 

What states require insurance companies to give discounts for defensive driving courses?

California, Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Nevada require all auto insurance companies to give policyholders over the age of 55 a defensive driving discount after completing a course. 
New York, Florida, Virginia, and Kansas require defensive driving discounts for all car insurance policyholders, regardless of age.  

Can Progressive Snapshot raise your rates?

Yes, Progressive’s usage-based insurance program, Snapshot, can raise your car insurance rates if you engage in high-risk driving. Hard braking, fast acceleration, and phone usage may increase your premiums if detected frequently.

Does Progressive have a safe driver discount?

Technically, Progressive does not have a safe driver discount. Instead, Progressive offers a usage-based telematics program that tracks your driving trips and rewards you with a discount for safe driving habits. 

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