Why You Should Choose The Jerry App for Car Insurance

Jerry is a trusted comparison shopping app with over 4 million customers. The average driver saves up to $600 a year on car insurance with Jerry.
Written by Kianna Walpole
Edited by Amy Bobinger
is the number one rated comparison shopping app in the App Store, dedicated to helping drivers find affordable rates on
auto insurance
. With the Jerry app, most drivers save an average of $600 a year with some of the top insurance companies in the nation, making it the best choice for quick and reliable rates.

We partner with some of the top providers in the nation

When starting your online shopping journey, you want to know two things: 1) that your chosen comparison app is trustworthy, and 2) that you can find the cheapest rates with some of the biggest brands in the business—we’re talking
, and more. 
And with Jerry, you can. We’re backed by some of the top insurers in the nation, from big names like
, to smaller providers, including
State Auto
. With the Jerry app, you can not only find your desired price, but also your ideal company. 
Here’s a glimpse at some of the average rates Jerry customers found with a few of our partners.
Insurance company
Monthly minimum coverage cost
Monthly full coverage cost
Overall Jerry score
But these aren’t our only partners. Jerry works with over 50 insurance companies to bring affordable car insurance to our customers, and while you may not get quotes from all of them, you can always be sure that your quotes are credible and trustworthy.
See how much you can save with Jerry
Compare quotes from among over 50 top insurance providers
No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms
No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms · No fees
icon4.717k Ratings
5M+Drivers Joined
7M+Cars Garaged

Jerry is one of the top-rated apps 

Out of 14,000 reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store, Jerry received a resounding score of 4.7/5.0. After analyzing these reviews, we noted that a majority of respondents found their time with Jerry valuable and profitable:
A small percentage of survey respondents provided a lower score, noting a few drawbacks as contributing factors. These included longer than average wait times to speak to an agent, bug issues with the application, and higher than expected rates, in some cases. 
However, this hasn’t dissuaded others from continuing to praise the app. As of 2024, Jerry is still rated as one of the top car insurance shopping apps on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store, with both a 4.2 and 4.7 rating, respectively. Here are some additional reasons why customers choose Jerry:
Quick and accessible quotes for various profiles
Simple and efficient sign-up process
Several perks and features for car owners
Only available in the United States
Does not offer classic car or luxury car insurance
Initial quotes are estimates, not exact

How Jerry stacks up against other quote comparison apps

There are several quote comparison apps and websites available online—so, what makes Jerry stand out among the crowd? Unlike our competitors, Jerry is a one-stop shop for all of your auto-related needs. 
Here’s a sneak peek at some of the services we offer compared to our competitors.
infographic table: What's offered quote comparison is available by insurify, the zebra and Jerry. Data encryption is offered by insurify, the zebra and Jerry. End-to-end car repair is offered only by Jerry, not by Insurify or the Zebra. Telematics programs is offered by Jerry only, not Insurify or The Zebra.  Policy management is offered by Insurify, the Zebra and Jerry. A mobile app is offered by Jerry and Insurify but not The Zebra. Auto Loan Refinancing is offered by Jerry and the Zebra but not Insurify. Insurify, Jerry, and the Zebra offer 24/7 customer support with an asterisk. Asterisk says "Live agent service available 7 days a week 8am-8:30pm EST. Chat support available 24/7.

Most drivers can benefit from using the Jerry app

As you shop for car insurance, it’s important to have the right partner—and while insurance agencies and traditional brokers offer quality service, no one does it quite like Jerry.
Jerry is a
licensed insurance broker
with a team of 100+ licensed agents dedicated to helping drivers compare quotes from some of the top insurers in the nation, including
, and
. Over the past five years, Jerry has happily served over 4 million customers, with most drivers finding savings—but is it right for you?
Although most drivers can benefit from using the Jerry app, we’ll likely be the best solution for you if:
You’re looking to lower your monthly premiums
You’re seeking a one-stop app for car management and maintenance
You’re buying car insurance for the first time
You’re looking for family plans
While not every driver will find savings with Jerry, a good majority do. Jerry customers save an average of $600 per year on car insurance costs. Drivers in the United States pay approximately $1,457 per year on car insurance rates—and with Jerry, you can feel confident that you’re paying the lowest price available to you.
While your specific driver profile will still determine your final premium costs, most customers can still find lower rates with the Jerry app. Here’s the proof.

Average savings by driving record 

Even with a cheaper provider and lower coverage options, a poor driving record will impact your auto insurance rates. On average, serious violations can raise your rates by around 72% in the United States, with average costs increasing from $121 per month to $209 per month.
Although drivers with
clean records
tend to get the best rates with Jerry, those with single infractions or moving violations can also find their best car insurance policy through the app. Take a look at what drivers with both clean and poor records saved with Jerry.
Driving record
Coverage cost before Jerry
Coverage cost after Jerry
Annual savings 
Has violations
To save even more, see if you qualify for good driving discounts, or consider enrolling in a telematics program. You can also earn points and perks for driving safely by enrolling in
with Jerry.
Make safe driving pay
Get rewarded for safe driving. Earn points and unlock benefits. Totally free
No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms
No spam or unwanted phone calls · No long forms · No fees
icon4.717k Ratings
5M+Drivers Joined
7M+Cars Garaged

Average savings by location

Where you live can also influence your premiums. Those in high-risk areas tend to face higher insurance costs as a result of increased theft and accident rates. However, finding cheap car insurance isn’t just for those who reside in lower risk areas—those in more populated cities can also earn deals on premiums with Jerry. 
Coverage cost before Jerry
Coverage cost after Jerry
Average savings
District of Columbia
South Carolina

Average savings by age group

Your age can directly impact your car insurance costs.
New drivers
between the ages of 16 and 21 generally see some of the highest rates due to their lack of experience and higher accident rates. 
On the other hand, those over 25 tend to have cheaper premiums, with ages 35-44 often experiencing some of the best rates out of all age groups. But no matter your age, Jerry can help you find the most affordable rates for your profile.
Check out just how much drivers of different age groups paid for insurance coverage before and after switching to Jerry.
Coverage cost before Jerry
Coverage cost after Jerry
Annual savings
< 18
> 65

Jerry makes car ownership simple

Not only is Jerry the best tool to help you find savings—we can also help you in several other facets of car management and ownership. Here are some of our other top features:
Auto-reshop: To make sure you always have the best rate possible, you should compare prices every six months. You can do this manually, or turn on Jerry’s auto-reshop feature, which will automatically shop for new quotes and notify you of insurers with better deals in your area.
Policy cancellation: When you choose a policy with Jerry, you don’t have to worry about cancellation—with your consent, we’ll set up your new policy and help you cancel your old one all in one go.
Car maintenance
: Jerry isn’t just for quote comparison—it also acts as a car diagnostics tool, helping you to diagnose vehicle breakdowns, estimate car repair costs, and find a trusted shop. On top of that, Jerry will notify you of service reminders, open recalls, and scheduled maintenance times to help keep your vehicle in working order.
Telematics features
: Discounts can help drivers save significantly on car insurance, but if your record is less than subpar, or you simply want to increase your driving skills, you can use Jerry to track your habits and earn rewards.
: When you sign up with Jerry, you can instantly check to see if you have any refinance offers available. If you do, you can refinance your auto loan with Jerry and potentially lower your monthly payments. Drivers who refinance with Jerry can reduce their monthly payment by an average of $130*. 

All about the Jerry app

So, all in all,
who really is Jerry
? Jerry is best described as an AllCar™ app, or end-to-end service where you can manage your vehicle all in one place.
After you’ve become a Jerry customer, you can manage your vehicle, add coverages, and enroll in discounts right in the app. All of your documents, including your insurance papers, service receipts, memberships, and more are all located in your Jerry glovebox, so you’ll have all the necessary information ready when you need it. 
Car ownership doesn’t have to be a hassle. Jerry can make car insurance and management simple—so, why not give it a try?
Don't let a DUI inflate your insurance rates.
icon4.7/5 rating on the App Store | Trusted by 5+ million customers and 7 million cars
icon4.7/5 app rating | Trusted by 5M+ drivers


What is the best app to shop for car insurance?

Jerry is one of the best apps to help drivers shop for car insurance. With over 55 trusted partners, including Progressive and Allstate, Jerry simplifies the car insurance process, making it easy to compare quotes in your area. 

Is Jerry safe to use?

Jerry is completely safe to use. We handle customers' personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Can you trust Jerry insurance?

Jerry is a trustworthy and reliable app with the sole mission of making car insurance simple. With over 4 million customers and a 4.7/5.0 app store rating, we desire to bring policyholders affordable car insurance rates tailored to their unique profile.

How do you use the Jerry app?

To start, create your profile. Once you have all the appropriate information added and you’ve chosen your coverage limits, you can begin comparing quotes. The entire process, from profile creation to a secured policy, takes approximately one to two hours.

Is the Jerry app free?

The Jerry app is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Drivers can also run and compare quotes for free, and make changes to their policy at any time in the app. 

What are customers saying in their reviews about GetJerry.com’s services?

Based on app store reviews and Jerry survey results, customers rate the Jerry app between a 4.2/5.0 and a 4.7/5.0, with most responses noting a user-friendly interface, helpful insurance agent interactions, and overall lower rates for various profiles. However, some customers do report longer than average wait times for customer support, and bugs within the app causing it to slow down on occasion. 
* Based on drivers who refinanced with Jerry over the past 12 months. Not all customers will find an offer that reduces their payment. Offers depend on credit, vehicle and other factors. A lower payment may not result in savings over the life of the loan.


To determine average insurance rates, Jerry's experts analyze thousands of policies purchased by our customers. Our data are based on real policy premiums for all customers in a given category. 
Where real customer data are unavailable, Jerry’s editorial team researches average rates using expert sources from Forbes, NerdWallet, ValuePenguin, WalletHub, The Zebra, and CarInsurance.com. Our data shows the average of the data shared by those sources.

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