How to Get Same-Day Car Insurance You Can Trust

You can get same-day coverage using the Jerry app. Policies start at as low as $50/month with providers like State Auto, Nationwide, and Progressive.
Written by Kianna Walpole
Edited by Sarah Gray
Most insurance companies offer same-day
car insurance
, and drivers can often secure policies for as little as $50/month. Make sure to prepare all your documents in advance, provide accurate information, and compare quotes from multiple companies to get the best rate. 

How to get same-day car insurance

Most insurance companies can sell you a car insurance policy that starts the same day you request the initial quote. And if you opt to use the
app, the entire process can be completed in a few simple steps.

1. Gather relevant information

As long as you can quickly verify all the required information, your car insurance coverage should start instantly after binding your policy. When shopping for car insurance quotes,
you’ll need the following information
Name, phone number, and birthdate
The address of where you live and garage your car
License plate and vehicle identification numbers
Average daily mileage
Driving history
Insurance history
In addition to these details, you may also need to provide the personal information of any other drivers you want on your policy. This is only applicable if anyone other than yourself uses your vehicle on a regular basis, or lives in your household and has a valid driver’s license.
Upon signing up, the Jerry app will prompt you for this information, so you can have peace of mind that you’ve included everything necessary for a same-day policy. If further information is required, you will be notified. 

2. Select your coverage levels

Once you’ve created your profile and filled out the required information, you can select the type of coverage you want, and your coverage levels. 
With Jerry, drivers can choose either a full coverage or state minimum policy, and then customize it with different deductible limits and insurance add-ons.
And even after you’ve chosen your limits, you can always return to edit them further—even after looking at auto insurance quotes.
Rates will vary for both
liability coverage
full coverage
options depending on your location—however, based on our expert analysis of real same-day policies purchased through Jerry, these are the average car insurance rates you can expect to pay:
Minimum coverage
Full coverage
Total average rate 
 Although the state minimum is often cheaper on a monthly basis, it may cost you more in the long run. A minimum liability insurance policy will only cover medical bills and damages you cause in a car accident—and depending on your state’s liability limits, you could be left financially vulnerable.
As a result, most drivers will benefit from a full coverage auto insurance policy. For added protection, drivers can also include optional coverages, including
roadside assistance
rental reimbursement
, on their policy. 

Expert Insight

Licensed Insurance Agent, 6 years of experience
As a licensed agent, I highly recommend carrying higher limits than state minimums for bodily injury and property damage coverages. Your coverage limits should always exceed your current net worth. I'd consider limits of $100,000/$300,000 as these coverages can better protect you from the damages and injury you may cause in an auto accident.

3. Choose your provider

Several of the top car insurance companies, including
, and
offer same-day policies—and with Jerry, you can compare them all at the same time for free. 
Below are a few of the average rates real policyholders received for a same-day policy with some of the top providers using Jerry. Keep in mind that these are average rates, meaning that not all drivers will get the same price when comparing quotes. 
Insurance company
Monthly rate with Jerry
Annual rate with Jerry
It’s important to note that
non-standard car insurance
policies may take longer to activate due to the time involved to process documents and verify your driving history. 

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4. Secure your policy

The final step is to secure your same-day policy. Similar to when you’re beginning your shopping journey, you’ll need specific documents to verify your identification and confirm your new auto insurance policy. These documents include:
Driver’s license number(s)
Social security number
Vehicle information, ownership papers, and registration
Proof of insurance, if applicable
Violations and claims documentation, if applicable (including SR-22s)
Information pertaining to damaged or salvaged titles
Remember: When looking for instant car insurance, keep in mind that a policy that starts the same day as an accident won’t apply retroactively or erase that accident from your driving record. Same-day insurance also won’t prevent a coverage lapse if your previous policy expired days earlier.
Compare insurance quotes from 50+ carriers with Jerry in under 45 seconds
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How long does it take to get same-day car insurance? 

When searching for same-day coverage, the length of the process depends on where you shop for coverage and whether or not you have the proper documentation in place. 
If you use an insurance agent or manually source auto insurance companies, it could take hours to find the right fit. On the other hand, with the Jerry app, sourcing online quotes only takes a few minutes—and most customers can find and secure a policy in one to two hours.
However, if there’s a delay in completing your documentation, the process—regardless of where you shop—could take up to a few days. To avoid delays in setting up your auto insurance policy, follow these tips:
Plan ahead. Make sure you know what coverage you need, your budget, your state’s liability coverage limits, and that you have the proper documentation ready.
Compare rates. Collect quotes from multiple providers before making a decision to get the best insurer for you.
Avoid coverage gaps. Ensure you align the cancellation of your old auto insurance coverage with the establishment of your same-day policy.
Stick to the facts. Provide complete and accurate information when requesting quotes to ensure a smooth and fast process. Don’t guess on things like your credit score or the date of your last speeding ticket.
Rely on dealership insurance. Dealerships sometimes offer temporary short-term insurance for your new car. Insurance chosen by the dealership typically won’t give you the best rate.
Take the first rate you’re offered. Car insurance companies all calculate rates differently and you could be eligible for better coverage at a lower rate from a different company.
Cancel your old policy in advance—any lapse in coverage can raise suspicion for insurers, and lead to higher auto insurance rates.
Conceal facts. Don't hide an at-fault accident, violation, or high-risk ZIP code to get lower insurance premiums. This is a form of fraud and could lead to your policy being canceled.
Be aware that although your rates may be one price when you search for quotes, they can change when you request a final cost. Most insurers adjust your instant car insurance quotes once they get more complete documentation for your application. If you report your history and profile accurately, your insurance costs should be comparable to your initial quote at checkout.

Expert Insight

VP Insurance Operations, 18+ Years Experience in Insurance
The insured can absolutely have a conversation with the insurer to make sure they have all of the features that were on the vehicle included in the estimate. It’s not unheard of for an adjuster to miss a feature that was on a car. Those numbers are not firm; they’re not final. They can be discussed, and to some extent, negotiated.

Same day-car insurance is not the same as one-day car insurance

Same-day insurance is different from
one-day insurance
. No reputable insurance company offers policies for a term of less than six months, so any insurance agent advertising car insurance for a single day is suspicious—and they won’t be able to sell you functional coverage.
Rather than single-day car insurance, most providers offer coverage for drivers who need
temporary insurance
. These options generally include
non-owner insurance
rental car insurance
, or
permissive motorist coverage

Same-day car insurance pitfalls to avoid

Although same-day coverage is beneficial in numerous scenarios, moving fast with car insurance shopping can lead you to missing several savings opportunities—or landing yourself in hot water, if you’re not careful.
Here are some common pitfalls you should be on the lookout for when searching for same-day coverage:
Skipping the discounts:
Car insurance discounts
are an easy, risk-free way to save on auto insurance coverage—but they’re not automatically applied to your policy, so check to make sure any discounts you’re eligible for are applied.
Speeding through the process: If you’re shopping for same-day coverage, it’s likely you need it now—but speeding through the process can lead you to purchasing the first cheap car insurance quote you get, which might not be the best fit. Take your time and compare quotes from all providers offered before selecting.
Insta-canceling your new policy: You can
cancel your insurance policy
at any time, but buying a policy and canceling it the next day can send the wrong message to insurers.
Assuming you’ll be approved: Not everyone is eligible for same-day coverage. If you have a poor credit history or driving record, you could be denied coverage, which can make the process longer.


Can you get car insurance online without talking to someone?

Drivers can get car insurance online through provider mobile apps, or by using the Jerry app. Neither process requires speaking to an insurance agent, unless you’re missing documentation, or you have a poor driving record and require further assistance.

Can you get same-day car insurance?

Most insurance providers offer same-day coverage via their websites or mobile apps. Jerry can also supply you with same-day insurance, help you compare quotes, and even cancel your old policy.

How can I get a car insurance quote?

The best way to get a car insurance quote is with Jerry. Not only does Jerry help you find rates that are tailored to your specific driver profile, but it also can source premiums from up to 55 providers in under two minutes.

How quickly can I get insured after purchasing a new vehicle?

After purchasing a new vehicle, drivers can get insured almost instantly by shopping for same-day coverage. Once you create a profile with Jerry, you can vet rates from the best providers in your area, and generally secure and bind a policy in under two hours.

What is the quickest way to get car insurance coverage?

The quickest way to get car insurance coverage is to purchase it through the Jerry app. However, it’s important to note that if you’re missing documentation, or your driving record is poor, it may take longer to secure a policy. 

What coverage is best for a same-day policy?

Drivers will most likely benefit from a full coverage policy with high liability limits of 50/100/50 or 100/300/100. This type of policy generally includes liability insurance (in the form of bodily injury liability and property damage coverage), comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage. For added protection, drivers can also opt into optional insurance, such as uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection, or roadside assistance.

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