Can I Get Same Day Auto Insurance?

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Yes, you can get insurance the same day you purchase a vehicle. Same day auto insurance protects you instantly (or within a few hours) so you can enjoy your new vehicle without worrying about your coverage.
Most companies can do same-day policies through online auto insurance enrollment, although a smaller company may require an in-person visit.
The fastest way to get same day car insurance is online, using the car insurance comparison shopping and broker app Jerry.
With Jerry, you get the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Signing up takes roughly 45 seconds and you’ll be presented with competitive car insurance quotes from top providers.
When you choose a policy, Jerry does all the hard work for you. There are no phone calls or paperwork. Jerry even cancels your old policy on your behalf.
Oh, and we should mention, the average Jerry user saves a whopping $875 on car insurance a year.
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Can you get insurance the same day?

Yup. Most insurance is technically same-day since you can usually obtain or cancel your policy at any time.
There are sometimes unusual circumstances that could prevent you from getting same-day insurance, like an imperfect driving record or uneven coverage history.
Once you purchase your policy, you will need to obtain proof of insurance before hitting the road. All companies will send you a copy of your policy in the mail, but a lot of companies also offer a mobile app or online portal.
If you’re a Jerry driver, you’ll have your proof of insurance readily available on the app (so you can forget about making room for your insurance card in your wallet).
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Note that same day insurance doesn’t mean temporary. Most people need ongoing car insurance, and “same day” means your coverage goes into effect on the same day you purchase the policy, not that it only lasts for one day.
One day insurance is super rare and almost always a scam, since one month is usually the absolute minimum you can pay for a trustworthy policy.

How to buy same day insurance

Depending on how you purchase your insurance, you might need to provide some information to insurance companies before they give you a quote.
This information will enable the company to calculate a rate that is unique to you and your driving history:
  • Name of the vehicle’s owner
  • Date the vehicle was purchased
  • The unique VIN (vehicle identification number) for the vehicle to be insured
  • Mileage on the vehicle
  • Driver’s license number for all drivers who will be on the policy
  • Date of birth
  • Addresses
  • Marital status
  • Recent driving history for all drivers who will be on the policy (claims, accidents, or driving courses)
  • History of car insurance coverage
Remember to gather your documentation ahead of time—or you can just shop with Jerry to avoid multiple phone calls and chaotic paperwork. The questionnaire takes roughly 45 seconds and collects information from your existing insurance provider. Use Jerry and say goodbye to outdated forms (and terrible hold music).
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Who can get same day car insurance?

Pretty much anyone! Most people can get a quote online and purchase a policy instantaneously. Some drivers may need to plan for some lead time if they have a patchy driving history or have recently moved.
Your car insurance policy may include these standard types of coverage :
Optional add-ons might require an additional waiting period, such as accident forgiveness. That’s because the insurance company will need to confirm that you are a safe driver.

How long does it take to get car insurance?

The entire process should take around 30 minutes.
First, you’ll need to get a quote to find the best rate. You can buy a plan on the Jerry app in minutes that will go into effect the same day.
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If you want cheap car insurance quotes fast, go to Jerry. Jerry is a licensed broker that offers end-to-end support—the free Jerry app gathers affordable quotes, helps switch plans or providers, and even cancels your old policy.
Once you choose a plan and make your payment, boom! Voila! You’ve got sparkly new car insurance and you can legally hit the road.

Should I get car insurance before I buy a car?

It depends. Before you can drive your vehicle off the lot, you may be required to have full coverage in place. You can set this up at the dealership if you like, although it may not get you the best rates.
If you’re looking for a new insurance company, Jerry can provide you with three competitive rates in under a minute. No need to sit across from him at a desk—Jerry is an app! With Jerry’s help, you can find the best available rates with the least amount of work.

Consequences of driving without insurance

It goes without saying, but do not drive without insurance. It’s against the law in most states.
If you get caught without coverage, you could face hefty fines, jail time, or even suspension of your license.
Oh, and resist the temptation to buy a policy and then cancel it after a week just to obtain short-term coverage. You probably won’t get your down payment back, which could amount to six months’ worth of premiums.
Be aware that leased and financed vehicles require full-coverage insurance, since they technically don’t belong to you. Canceling a policy could lead to repossession of your leased vehicle or forced insurance.
When you drive without insurance, you become 100% liable for damages if you get into an accident. It also makes you easy prey for lawsuits, not to mention the expensive tickets you’ll receive if you get pulled over as an uninsured driver.
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Do dealerships give temporary insurance?

Some dealerships offer a product called “gap insurance,” which is a type of temporary insurance for newly acquired vehicles that might last between 14 to 30 days.
It may also be possible to extend your existing policy for a grace period while you research your options. Check with your dealership to see what’s available.

Which insurance companies sell same day insurance online?

Most companies sell same day insurance, depending on the driver. It can take as little as 45 seconds to get free quotes online from trusted car insurance companies. You can even do it on your smartphone in most situations.
Looking for same-day insurance? Here are the average rates from top car insurance companies with Jerry.
CompanyAverage Monthly Premium with JerryAverage Annual Premium with Jerry
National General100.751208.95
State Auto64768
Need same day insurance? All you need is 45 seconds and a smartphone—try Jerry (it’s free!).

Frequently asked questions

What is the cheapest car insurance?

Rates will be different for people with different driving profiles. But generally, Kemper, State Auto, and National General offer pretty affordable policies. If you are in the military, make sure to check out USAA, too.

Is it cheaper to buy same day auto insurance online?

Yup, it can be cheaper and easier to get insurance online than visiting a brick-and-mortar agency. You can explore tons of options online with the intelligent insurance comparison tool Jerry to find the best deal for your needs.
Jerry streamlines the auto insurance shopping process by gathering quotes, helping you switch plans or providers, and canceling or renewing on your behalf. Why do all that extra work when Jerry can do it better?
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Can you get same day car insurance if you have poor credit?

Usually. Most companies will sell you a policy even if you have bad credit, but your rate will be quite high. If you’re worried about high prices due to bad credit, you should look for an insurance company that specializes in high-risk drivers.
Jerry can help you get a good rate, no matter your situation.
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