How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Mississippi

Mississippi’s requirements for obtaining a rebuilt title include applying for a salvage title, completing repairs, and paying a rebuilt title fee of $75.
Written by Tiffany Leung
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
To obtain a rebuilt title in
, you must apply for the
salvage title
first. The salvaged car must be repaired to its original condition, then you can apply for the rebuilt title after your vehicle passes the salvage inspection. 
  • To obtain a rebuilt title in Mississippi, car owners must apply for a salvage title, complete all necessary vehicle repairs, and then pay the $75 rebuilt title fee.
  • A rebuilt title certifies that a once-totaled car has been repaired to roadworthy condition.

A rebuilt title: What you need to know

rebuilt title
certifies that a once-totaled car that was written off by an insurance company is now repaired and safe to drive on the road. It’s one of two types of branded titles that indicate your car has been involved in a major accident at some point in its history:
  • Rebuilt title
  • Salvage title
You will first need to apply for a salvage title before proceeding with your rebuilt title application. 
The salvage title shows that the car is the subject of a total loss claim and is no longer roadworthy. Once the vehicle gets repaired to its roadworthy state, the
salvage title can be removed
and replaced with a rebuilt title.
The bottom line: If you want to drive or sell a previously totaled car, you will need a rebuilt title. If a buyer wants to repair the car themselves, you can also sell the car with just its salvage title. 

How to get a rebuilt title in Mississippi

There are a few steps involved in getting a rebuilt title in Mississippi:
  • Apply for a salvage title with the Mississippi Department of Revenue
  • Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle
  • Get the vehicle inspected at the Mississippi Department of Public Safety
  • Submit the required documents to the Mississippi Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) indicating the car has been properly restored.

Apply for the salvage title 

You will need to apply for a salvage certificate of title if the vehicle doesn’t have one. Follow the steps below
  1. Obtain the original vehicle title from its owner (if applicable)
  2. Deliver the title to a nearby tax collector’s office within 72 hours
  3. Complete the corresponding titling application
  4. Provide a signed statement on the company letterhead that details any damages and expected repairs
  5. Submit all documents to the Mississippi Department of Revenue 
  6. Pay the applicable titling fees
Once your request is processed, you will be issued a salvage title certificate.

Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

Once you obtain the salvage title, you can begin the repairs to restore the damaged vehicle to working condition. You can do this by yourself or have a licensed mechanic or rebuilder complete the work. 
You must complete a salvage
vehicle inspection
before you can apply for a rebuilt title. You will need to bring the following:
  • Valid driver license
  • Salvage car title
  • Proof of ownership,
    vehicle title
    vehicle registration
    , or bill of sale (signed and notarized)
  • Receipts or invoices for all major parts, minor parts, and component parts that were repaired or replaced
  • 4 color photos of the car
  • $75 inspection fee

Essential documents for a rebuilt Mississippi title

Once the car has been restored to working condition and passed the inspection, you can apply for a rebuilt title. You’ll need to provide the following:

How long does a rebuilt title take in Mississippi?

It may take up to a couple of months for the rebuilt application to be approved. Another factor that will affect the time of the whole process is how long the necessary repairs to the salvaged vehicle take. 
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A rebuilt title doesn't necessarily mean a car is bad—but it’s not the same as a brand-new car. 
A rebuilt title certifies that the car had all the necessary repairs completed and is road-legal. However, since the car was once totaled, there could always be hidden issues that will resurface in the future.
Getting a rebuilt title in Mississippi will cost $75 for the salvage inspection fee and $25 for the VIN inspection fee.
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