How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Georgia

You can get a rebuilt title in Georgia if you’re a licensed rebuilder, make all the necessary repairs, and pay the $118 fee.
Written by Melanie Johnson
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
In order to get a rebuilt title in Georgia, you’ll need to be a licensed rebuilder, make all the necessary repairs, pass inspection, and pay the $118 rebuilt salvage fee.
When a car is deemed a total loss, or “totaled,” it means that the cost of damages to the car exceeds the value of the car itself. In most of these instances, the car is written off by the insurance company and sold for parts in a salvage yard. 
However, sometimes a totaled or salvaged vehicle can be safely rebuilt and sold. If you’re looking to restore a previously totaled or salvaged vehicle to sell or drive in the state of Georgia, you’ll need to apply for a rebuilt title and pass inspection. 
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What is a rebuilt title?

The term
rebuilt title
is used to describe a car that was once deemed totaled by an insurance company but has been rebuilt to be driven safely.
A car receives a
salvage title
when the damage to it exceeds 75% of its value. A licensed rebuilder can repair a salvaged vehicle and apply for a rebuilt title after the proper repairs have been made and it has passed inspection.

Does my car need a rebuilt title?

If you have a car that has a salvage title (i.e., it was totaled in the past), you will most likely need a rebuilt title in order to operate it safely.
If you want to sell the car to someone who wants to fix it up, you can try to do so. But buyers are generally advised
not to purchase salvage vehicles
since they cannot be insured and are not considered safe to drive.
A car with a rebuilt title is more appealing to potential buyers. Getting a rebuilt title will not be easy—you have to be a licensed rebuilder or employ someone who is to fix the car—but it will greatly improve your chances of selling the car. Plus, it will return the car to safe-to-drive status, and you or the new owner will be able to insure it. 
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How to get a rebuilt title in Georgia

If you want to get a rebuilt title in Georgia, be prepared to put a significant amount of time and money into the process. 
You’ll have to pay for labor costs (if you aren’t a licensed rebuilder), parts, application and inspection costs, as well as the title fee. It can be a rewarding but time-consuming and expensive endeavor! 

Apply for the salvage title

You’ll need to start by having the vehicle's salvage title in your name. Fill out and submit
Form MV-1 Title/Tag Application
to apply for a salvage title. 
After you have secured the salvage title, take photographs of the car in its wrecked condition before you begin your repairs. 

Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

Remember you must have the proper qualifications to do the repairs yourself—or take the car to a licensed rebuilder.
After your car’s repairs are completed, fill out and submit the following forms:
You must also provide receipts for the parts that were purchased and replaced in the rebuilt vehicle.

Inspecting the vehicle

When the vehicle is fully restored but not yet painted, it must pass inspection at one of the
approved private inspectors or stations
The car must be towed to the location, as it is currently a salvage title that is not safe to drive. 
Once the vehicle passes inspection, the appropriate documentation—as well as the $100 inspection fee and $18 title fee—must be mailed to: 
DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Salvage Unit
P. O. Box 740384
Atlanta, Georgia 30374-0384

Essential documents for a rebuilt Georgia title

The following documentation is necessary to apply for a rebuilt title in Georgia:

How long does a rebuilt title take in Georgia?

The time it takes to get your rebuilt title will depend on how fast you or your rebuilder can make the necessary repairs. After you submit your paperwork, you can expect to receive your rebuilt title within a couple of weeks.

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Not necessarily! You can often find great deals on rebuilt titles in Georgia. Many rebuilt cars are safe to drive and pose no problems. However, some rebuilt cars can come with hidden defects or may develop problems down the line—so do your due diligence when purchasing a rebuilt title.
It costs $100 to get a rebuilt car inspected and $18 for the title, so approximately $118—not counting additional application fees, parts, and labor.
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