How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Texas

You can get a rebuilt title in Texas by applying for a salvage title, making necessary repairs, and paying a $65 rebuilt salvage fee.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
To get a rebuilt title in
, you’ll need to apply for a salvage title, make all the necessary repairs, and apply for a rebuilt title at your local county tax office for $65.
  • You’ll need a rebuilt title in Texas to drive or sell a previously totaled car.
  • You must first get a salvage title and make the necessary repairs.
  • You can apply for a rebuilt title with your county for an extra $65 fee.

What is a rebuilt title?

rebuilt title
certifies that a car, once deemed a total loss by an insurance company, has been restored to drivable condition. 
The car needs to have a salvage title first, indicating it has been totaled and is not safe to drive. The salvage title
can be removed
once a mechanic has restored the vehicle.

Does my car need a rebuilt title?

If you want to sell or drive a previously totaled car, you will usually need a rebuilt title. 
Once a car is totaled, it’s considered a salvage vehicle. You may be able to sell a salvage car to an enthusiast who wants to fix it up, but in general, buyers will steer clear of cars with salvage titles. 
Buyers may be more willing to purchase a car with a rebuilt title. Getting a rebuilt title won’t erase the car’s history, but it does prove that the used car is fully repaired and deemed road-legal by a licensed inspector.

How to get a rebuilt title in Texas

If you want to get a rebuilt title in Texas, you’ll need to put significant time and money into the process. The cost to fully repair a totaled car is steep, and the title won’t be issued overnight. 

Step 1: Apply for the salvage title 

Start by applying for a salvage title with the DMV if the vehicle does not already have one. You’ll need: 
  • The car’s original certificate of title
  • A completed
    Salvage Title Application (VTR-441)
    . If you lost the original title, the application fee is $10. 
  • Photo ID
  • A lien release (if applicable) 
  • A check or money order for $8 made payable to TxDMV. 
Mail the form to
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
ATTN: Title Control Systems
P.O. Box 26450
Austin, Texas 78755-0450. 
You can expect to receive your salvage certificate within three weeks

Step 2: Make the necessary repairs

Once you’ve received the salvage title, you can begin making any necessary
car repairs
yourself or go to a licensed mechanic. 
Get the car inspected at a valid
Texas Department of Safety inspection station
before you apply for the rebuilt title. 

Step 3: Gather documents to get a rebuilt title

Once the car has been fully repaired, you can apply for a rebuilt title. You’ll need the following documentation to proceed: 
Bring the documents in person to your
local county tax office
along with the $65 rebuilt salvage fee. You’ll also need to pay the usual title fee, which is $28 or $33 depending on the county. 

How long does a rebuilt title take in Texas?

From start to finish, applying for a rebuilt title in Texas can take six weeks or more. 
The exact time to get a rebuilt title vehicle depends on how long it takes to repair the salvage title vehicle.
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It depends. A rebuilt title indicates that the car has been fully restored and is safe to drive, so you might get a good deal if you buy a car with a rebuilt title. However, cars with rebuilt titles can often hide more mechanical frailties than other vehicles, so be cautious.
Depending on the county you live in and which titles the car already has, getting a rebuilt title in Texas could cost between $93 and $108.
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