How to Upgrade Your Mustang Sound System

Upgrading the sound system in your Mustang can dramatically improve its audio quality—but it will also raise your insurance rates.
Written by Patrick Price
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The standard sound system in a Ford Mustang features anywhere from 4-12 speakers, depending on the car’s age and trim level. Regardless of your Mustang’s exact model, upgrading its sound system involves the same basic steps: replacing the speakers and getting a new amplifier. 
The Ford Mustang, which is an exceptional vehicle in most respects, has always had a bit of a lackluster sound system. It’s a shame for such an impressive vehicle to be tarnished by a thoroughly mediocre audio quality. Fortunately, you can upgrade your Mustang’s sound system with some aftermarket modifications! 
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What kind of sound system does a Ford Mustang have?

The sound system in your Ford Mustang will be different depending on the year it was manufactured and its trim level. The Mustang has been in production since 1964, which leaves decades of room for variation. 
The first five generations of Mustangs, which were produced from 1964 to 2014, typically had between two and six speakers. The sixth generation, which premiered in 2015 and remains in production today, has either six, nine, or 12 speakers—depending on the trim level. 
Lower trim levels feature a stock stereo system with an AM/FM tuner, a CD player, MP3 playback ability, USB and aux ports, an LCD display system, and either six or nine speakers.
For those Mustang owners that spring for the higher trim levels, Ford offers a custom-built
Bang & Olufsen
900-watt premium B&O Sound System with 12 speakers, four 170mm woofers, and a subwoofer in the trunk. 
The B&O system that Ford has been offering for the Mustang since 2020 represents a significant improvement over the standard Mustang stereo system. However, it still is not nearly as impressive as some of the aftermarket audio equipment that’s available for the Mustang. So, you still might want to look into upgrading your system. 
And if you have a lower trim level, your stock radio certainly could stand to be improved.  

How to upgrade a Ford Mustang sound system

Which type of Mustang you have will determine exactly what audio system upgrades will be compatible with your car. Generally speaking, though, you’ll want to focus on three components when planning your upgrades: the speakers, the amplifier/receiver, and the subwoofer
Audio equipment is notoriously delicate and requires precision when being set up. Unless you have experience working with automotive audio equipment, you’ll want to hire a professional to install your upgrades for you. Otherwise, you could end up damaging the system. 
Your main task in the upgrade process will be selecting the exact equipment that you want to have installed.

Start with speaker upgrades

The obvious place to begin upgrading your sound quality is the speakers. Replacing your Ford’s standard factory speakers will go a long way toward improving your sound quality. 
There’s a seemingly endless variety of aftermarket speaker upgrades available for the Mustang. Which one is right for you will depend on the model year of your Mustang and how much you’re willing to spend
Here are just a few of the top speaker upgrades available for the Ford Mustang: 

Pump up the bass with a subwoofer

Another key element in creating a quality audio system is the subwoofer—a specialized type of speaker that deals specifically with low-frequency sounds and is responsible for the overall power of your bass
To get the most out of your Mustang’s sound, you’ll want to invest in an aftermarket subwoofer, especially if you enjoy music that has heavy bass tones. 
As for which aftermarket subwoofer you should buy, the
DS18 150W 2ohm Subwoofer
is an excellent option—and it's available for just $264.95
If you want the very best subwoofer that money can buy, you can pay $9,999.95 for the indomitable
MTX Audio JackHammer Series 8000W 2ohm DVC Subwoofer
—just be prepared for a truly overwhelming bass experience! 
Keep in mind that not all Mustangs come standard with a subwoofer. If your Mustang is a version that doesn’t have a subwoofer to begin with, you’ll have to do some serious alterations in order to fit one in. 

Boost the power with an amplifier

The amplifier is like the nerve center of your sound system. In many ways, the amplifier is the most important component to upgrade. It’s the component that determines how much power and sound are produced by your stereo and the interface that you use to control the system. The best speakers in the world won’t do you much good if you’re still using a stock amplifier. 
To get the most out of whichever aftermarket speakers you choose, you’ll want a quality amplifier. But there’s a catch. The amplifier supplies power to the speakers. Higher-quality speakers can handle more power. If your amp is of an inferior quality to your speakers, it just means you won’t be getting the most out of those speakers. 
On the other hand, if you have a very powerful amp (such as the
or the
BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB
) and you haven’t upgraded your speakers, you could easily blow out your speakers. 
If you’re going to be upgrading your amplifier, you’ll need to make sure that you purchase speakers that can handle the amount of power that your new amp will be dishing out. 
Pro Tip The equipment described above won’t be compatible with every Mustang. Always double-check an upgrade's compatibility before buying it. 

How to protect your Ford Mustang sound system—and save on insurance!

A word of caution before you begin upgrading your Mustang’s sound system: an aftermarket-installed sound system won’t be covered by your standard
car insurance
If you want to have the costs of any repairs to your new system covered, you’ll have to invest in a sound system insurance add-on. 
But whether you keep your original coverage or add some, one thing’s for sure: getting car insurance is quite the hassle.
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What sound system a Mustang uses will depend on the year and trim level. Most Mustangs feature a stock stereo. If you have a Premium trim level or higher, though, then your Mustang uses a high-end B&O sound system.
The number of speakers in your Ford Mustang depends on the year it was manufactured and the trim level it is. Older Mustangs usually had two or four speakers. More recent models can have six, nine, or even 12 speakers.
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