What Are the Pros and Cons of Bundling Insurance?

Bundling pros and cons range from less paperwork and dealing with a single insurer, to leaving money on the table because you didn’t shop around.
Written by Olivia Rose
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
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Bundling insurance can save you time and money on your premiums, but it doesn’t always promise savings — and in some cases, you might be better off with home and car insurance policies from separate providers.
If you’re considering bundling your home and auto insurance with the same insurance company, you’ll want to shop around. It will help you find the best deal and allow you time to consider the best policies for your needs.
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Read on for the pros and cons of bundling
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The basics of bundling: What is it?

Insurance bundling involves buying
multiple policies with the same insurance company
to receive policy discounts. Insurance companies offer bundling discounts as an incentive for customers to buy more policies with them.
Though the most common bundle is
and auto insurance, you can also bundle your car insurance policy with
or condo insurance.

The pros of bundling home and car insurance

Savings on your premium

The obvious benefit of insurance bundling is saving money through a company-offered discount. Many providers offer serious discounts on your home and auto insurance policies if you bundle them. Some companies also offer discounts for multiple policies within the same household.

Single deductible

Many companies offer a single deductible if you have multiple policies with them. If an accident leads to claims on more than one policy (you know, like if you accidentally back into your garage door), you’ll only be responsible for paying one deductible.
This is also the case if you have more than one vehicle in an accident — you won't have to pay that deductible more than once.

One account with one provider

Bundling insurance policies also means fewer accounts to manage. Translation? Fewer headaches for you! That’s one less username and password you’ll need to keep track of — and one less payment to stay on top of.

Greater security

Insurance companies may be tempted to drop you if you’re costing them a lot in claims — for instance, if you live in a high-risk area where large claims are common. If you purchase multiple policies from the same company, they’re more likely to think twice before dropping you and losing your business.
Key Takeaway Bunding can save you money on your premium, make it easier for you to manage your policies, and offer a single deductible in the event of a claim.

The cons of bundling home and car insurance

The savings might be minimal

Bundling insurance isn’t always cheaper. Sometimes, you could end up paying more than if you purchased separate policies. At the end of the day, companies offer bundles when they benefit from it.
Insurance bundling only works if you aren’t shopping around for other
online quotes
. And it means you could be leaving big savings on the table by purchasing both policies with the same provider.

You’re stuck with one insurer

Receiving a discount makes you more likely to be loyal and stick around with a company—and it can keep you from shopping around to find a better deal elsewhere
It can also make you more likely to stay with a provider you aren’t happy with. It can feel overwhelming to switch insurers when you need multiple policies.
Key Takeaway Bundling policies sticks you with one insurer and can discourage you from shopping around to find better deals.
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How to choose the cheapest bundles

If you want to find the cheapest insurance bundles, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind:
Compare bundles. Try to compare rates from at least three to five insurance companies. Pay close attention to the premiums—sky-high premiums might be where your promised savings go down the drain.
Shop around often. By shopping around regularly—say, every six months—you’re more likely to find the
cheapest insurance quotes
that meet your coverage needs.
Ask about affiliates. Most insurance companies have affiliate partners that they work with to give you deals. In some cases, an affiliate discount may offer you a better rate (and more savings) than bundling would.
Key Takeaway To find the cheapest bundle you’ll want to shop around, compare rates, and ask potential providers about other discounts that might be able to save you more.

Where can I find the cheapest car insurance?

Finding the cheapest insurance policies requires, well, looking around at dozens of quotes from different insurers. And that’s just as overwhelming as it sounds!
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Is it better to bundle car and home insurance?

Bundling car and home insurance might save you money—but you may find more savings buying separate policies. You’ll have to shop around to find the best deals for the policies you want to purchase.
Luckily, the insurance comparison app Jerry does all the comparison shopping for you, so you save the time and energy of digging around for a good deal.

Can you bundle car and health insurance?

Theoretically, yes—but it’s super rare. Bundling health and car insurance is not very common because health insurance providers typically don’t offer much in the way of car insurance.

Can you bundle rental and auto insurance?

Yes! Just like bundling home and auto insurance, bundling your auto insurance with renter’s insurance might increase your savings — but it will depend on your provider and the bundling discounts they offer. You may be better off getting separate policies from different providers.
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