Is a Car Insurance Broker Worth It?

Car insurance brokers help you compare quotes from multiple companies and find the most affordable rate, so it’s almost always a good idea to use one.
Written by Jessica Barrett
Edited by Kathleen Flear
A car insurance broker will work with you to help you find the right coverage at the most affordable rate—and there’s typically no added cost to use one, so it's almost always worth it.

Car insurance brokers work for you—not the insurance company

Insurance brokers are like personal shoppers. They aren’t tied to any specific insurance company—instead, they help you shop around with multiple insurers to compare
car insurance quotes
and find the best premium. Jerry shops with up to 55 companies across the country to find you the best insurance coverage.
Here’s how it typically works:
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Provide your information
You’ll need to give your broker your personal details, vehicle VIN, and insurance and driving history (like past accidents, tickets, and claims).
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Discuss coverage needs
Every policy will automatically include state minimum coverage, but your broker will help you determine whether you should increase your liability coverage limits (hint: you should!) or add
full coverage insurance
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Compare quotes
Your broker will browse their network of insurers to find you the most affordable rates for the coverage you need.
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Finalize your new policy
Once you find a rate you’re happy with, your broker will finalize the policy. If you need support in the future, you’ll be able to reach out to your broker or your insurance company directly for help.

Pros and cons of working with an insurance broker

In general, using a car insurance broker to help you find the best policy is a good idea.
Save time: You won’t need to complete long forms for multiple companies since your broker will use your information to pull quotes on your behalf.
Avoid overpaying: Shopping around is the best way to make sure you’re not paying more than you have to for your insurance policy, and brokers make the comparison shopping process quick and easy.
Understand your insurance needs: A broker is an industry insider who can look at your assets and driving history and give expert guidance on which coverage is worth it—and which isn’t.
Shop for multiple products: Some brokers can help you shop for homeowners insurance, renters insurance, business insurance, or life insurance alongside your auto policy.
Avoid unfavorable insurers: Some companies are better than others when it comes to customer service and claims handling—and brokers can help you navigate with insider knowledge.
Have to pay a fee: If a broker charges fees for their services, they’re required to let you know upfront. If you’re shopping with Jerry, you’ll never pay a fee—and your data will always be securely stored and never shared.
Be limited in options: Many smaller brokers quote only a handful of companies or focus specifically on a certain customer base, so you might miss out on savings. Jerry shops with up to 55 companies across the country to find you the best insurance coverage.
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There are pros and cons when working with different types of insurance brokers.
Jerry is a reputable insurance broker that shops with up to 55 companies across the country to find you the best insurance coverage. We offer the benefits of working with an insurance broker without limiting your options, helping you compare quotes from many different carriers, finding you the best coverage at the best rate.

Who benefits from working with a broker?

Most drivers can benefit from using a broker. If you fall into any of the following categories, you should definitely consider it:

Expert Insight

Insurance Agent of 12 years
Car insurance brokers are like real estate agents for insurance. Imagine trying to purchase a house and a mortgage all by yourself? Insane. But now imagine having someone who knows the ins and outs of state laws—plus the discounts and quirks of over 50 different carriers—who does all the shopping for you and can then monitor your policy and help with all of the paperwork and other things that pop up. I’m the worst when it comes to paperwork, so to have someone help and remind me is worth it.

Car insurance agents vs. car insurance brokers: What’s the difference?

Insurance agents are different from insurance brokers. While brokers aren’t tied to an insurer, agents work for a specific insurance company. 
There are two types of licensed agents:
Captive agents work for just one insurance company and will only sell auto insurance policies from that provider. You won’t receive quote comparisons from captive agents, and you may pay a higher insurance premium depending on the company they work with.
Independent agents work for more than one insurer and can compare coverage options and auto insurance quotes from the best car insurance companies. Independent insurance agents are similar to brokers, but they still represent insurance companies and may direct you toward more expensive insurance plans from those companies.
The bottom line: Like brokers, agents are insurance experts who can help you understand your coverage needs and find you free quotes—but a broker can find a wider range of quotes without trying to upsell coverage from a specific provider.


How do insurance brokers get paid?

Car insurance brokers receive commissions from insurance providers. Agents also receive a salary from the brokerage or insurance agency they work with. In some states, brokers can charge a fee for their services. Jerry never charges broker fees, no matter where you’re shopping.

Can I buy car insurance without a broker?

Yes. It’s possible to buy car insurance without a broker by requesting quotes yourself from insurance companies. But if you’re not familiar with the industry, aren’t sure what coverage you need, or don’t have time to comparison shop, you may end up overpaying for your car insurance policy.

How can I get multiple insurance quotes at once?

You can get multiple insurance quotes at once by using an auto insurance broker to facilitate your quote comparison process. Insurance brokers are independent from auto insurance companies, so they aim to find you the best coverage and rate, regardless of the provider. A mobile insurance broker app like Jerry can help you compare auto insurance rates from multiple companies in just a couple of minutes and without any long forms.

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