Should You Use a Car Insurance Broker?

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Car insurance brokers are intermediaries that use their connections in the insurance industry to find you the best rate possible (Photo: @FreedomTumZ via Twenty20)
Car insurance brokers are intermediaries that use their connections in the insurance industry to find you the best rate possible. How do they do it, and can they really save you money? Here’s what you should know.

What is a car insurance broker?

One of the most important aspects of buying car insurance is shopping around, and these days the internet makes it easy to search for car insurance quotes online.
Car insurance brokers are individuals or companies that act as an intermediary between the insurance companies and you when you’re searching for the cheapest car insurance available. Brokers are your point of contact throughout the insurance shopping process.
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When you shop for insurance quotes through an online broker like, it takes just a minute for Jerry to gather all your information and contact your current insurance company to get your current coverage details. Then Jerry, as your insurance broker, analyzes your insurance needs to make sure you have the coverage that’s right for you and returns competing quotes from multiple insurance companies to get you the best deal possible for all the types of car insurance you need.
Like an independent agent, insurance brokers can gather the information from a client, discuss the customer’s needs, and get several quotes to fit those needs. A substantial difference is that insurance brokers aren’t restricted to a certain number of insurance companies because they aren’t under contract.

How insurance brokers get paid

Commission-based insurance brokers are paid directly by the insurance companies. Some people mistakenly think they can save money by going directly to an insurance company rather than using a broker, but the price typically remains the same. Instead, the insurance company just pockets the money instead of paying it to a broker. And, you’re losing out by not having a broker quickly compare quotes for you from multiple insurance companies.
Not every broker collects commissions. Some rely on broker fees. These fees vary based on your place of residence, but they’re required by law to be “reasonable and disclosed.” Therefore, you can see the broker fee before you sign up for coverage, and you only accept the fee if you sign a legally binding document.
Jerry works directly with car insurance companies to get quotes 100% free for customers and without any extra broker fees. Jerry receives a commission from our car insurance partners without passing any extra fees on to you.

Why work with an insurance broker like Jerry?

Free to use: When you use a car insurance broker like Jerry, you don’t have any out-of-pocket expenses. Searching for quotes is free and you won’t have to pay any broker fees. Some brokers do charge extra fees, though, so it’s important to know that beforehand when selecting an insurance broker to help you find car insurance..
Help choose best coverage: Whether you’re buying your first car or a brand new car, choosing the right coverage isn’t easy. A knowledgeable broker can explain the different types of insurance and which policy would work best for you.
Great selection of rates: Because a car insurance broker isn’t directly affiliated with one or just a handful of insurance companies, they can get rates from a larger pool of companies. As a result, they can usually find the cheapest car insurance available.
Work with your best interest in mind: Unlike independent or captive insurance agents that are basically a third-party salesperson for insurance companies, insurance brokers always have your best interests in mind. Because they work for you, they can offer better rates and insurance policies that fit your needs.
Save money and time: With dozens of instant quotes with a broker like Jerry, you can shop car insurance rates quickly and save yourself time and hassle during the buying process. Unlike other brokers, Jerry can also cancel your old insurance policy for you when you find a better policy.
Privacy: Some agents and car insurance rate aggregators aren’t just trying to find you the cheapest rate. Many of them actually retain your information and sell it to the highest bidder to supplement their revenues or offset costs. A reputable broker like Jerry, on the other hand, will never sell your information.

Choose a car insurance broker you can count on

Jerry protects your privacy, gets quotes from top insurance companies, offers digital insurance cards, does all the paperwork to switch your insurance, and will automatically compare quotes for you before it’s time to renew your policy. It’s a quick, hassle-free, and reliable way to shop for the cheapest car insurance around.
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