Long Bed vs. Short Bed: Which Truck Bed Is Best for You?

Whether you should get a long or short bed for your truck depends on your needs, however, typically a short bed is sufficient.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Pickup trucks
nowadays come in
three bed sizes
. You will have standard, short, and long beds to choose from for your truck purchase. Which one is the better option, and can you
save money on the sale by selecting either one?

Advantages of having a long bed vs. a short bed

Longer beds are a popular option, but are they really worth it? They are in certain circumstances. These pickups usually come with a more powerful engine generating more horsepower for anything you throw at it. 
A longer bed on the truck will make the wheelbase longer as well. This means that your vehicle will be more stable and better grip the road, which makes hauling heavier objects easier. 
Lumber, ladders, and oversized furniture will fit better in the back of the truck, making the hauling process painless. If you have a fifth-wheel trailer, having the extra footage in the bed will give you more room in the back because the hitch takes up quite a bit of space on its own, according to
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Disadvantages of a long bed vs. a short bed

While long beds are great options, there are times when a shorter one would be more beneficial. Longer beds are tough to get around in, while shorter beds make it so much easier to maneuver around parking lots and spaces due to its smaller size. 
Typically, a shorter-sized bed
measures up to 6.5 feet
, while the long one can be eight feet in length.
You don't have to worry about parking in the very back of a lot and walking quite a distance to get to the store. Also, Those taking their families on vacations or camping trips would benefit from a shorter bed, according to
Vehicle Answers
There's still plenty of room in the cab for everyone and enough space in the back to haul things like camping equipment, skiing gear, or even luggage for a week's stay somewhere fun. The biggest reason to choose a short bed version is the price. 
Longer beds add a couple of hundred dollars to the cost of the vehicle. Shorter ones come standard and don't add any more money to the final price, which is perfect for those who don't do a lot of hauling. 

Which one should you choose?

Which one you should go for will ultimately depend on how you tend to use your pickup. Those planning on doing a lot of hauling, especially longer objects, would do well with the longer bed. 
For those planning to tow heavier trailers or campers, a longer bed will also be necessary. So, the extra money spent getting the longer-sized one will be well worth it in the long run. 
However, if you don't intend on hauling much, except for maybe the occasional equipment for camping, or some furniture, it would make more sense to save the extra money and go for the shorter bed instead. 

Which will offer better car insurance rates?

In many cases, a longer bed will incur more insurance costs because it will
cost more to repair or replace
should something happen to your pickup. You could save some money by shopping around and finding an agent who will offer a cheaper policy for your truck. 
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