Did Chrysler Ever Make a 300 Hellcat?

In the age of social media, fans have a voice: will they convince Chrysler to marry the incredibly powerful Hellcat engine with the classic 300?
Written by Clare Behe
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Despite its patchy history, the Chrysler 300 SRT (Street & Racing Technology) continues to have a loyal following. Stellantis, formerly Chrysler Corporation, ceased production of the 300 SRT in 2014, right as they prepared to release the Hellcat V8 Charger and Challenger under the Dodge brand. Why didn't they release a 300 Hellcat—or is that yet to come?
The 300 SRT was first released in 2005 as an answer to luxury performance competitors such as the Cadillac STS-V and CTS-V. The chassis largely resembled the Dodge Charger, and with its leather interior, sleek body, and 425 horsepower, it offered a powerful, upscale option at a more reasonable price tag than others.
The 300 made enough of an impact in the market that Chrysler determined it worthwhile to
invest in
; releasing an updated version in 2011. The poorly-designed interior was spruced up, the horsepower was jacked up to a muscly 470-hp, and the old-fashioned transmission was replaced by the automatic 8-speed “Torqueflite.”

No appreciation, all depreciation 

It was too little, too late.
Rapid depreciation
rates of the 300 had made it a frequent flier in used car lots, cementing a reputation in pop culture as a “lower class” vehicle. This not only defeated Chrysler’s marketing of the 300 as a boss’ car, but its entire make was becoming redundant as Dodge bloomed as the performance-based sibling brand.
So like two ships passing in the night, the retirement of the 300 SRT just brushed past the introduction of the Hellcat engine: a
Supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8
unit with 717 hp.
Since its 2015 debut, fans have dreamt of a Hellcat-equipped 300. Stellantis brands have teased offbeat Hellcat combos a handful of times in the Ram TRX and Jeep Trackhawk, but have shown little interest in a 300 Hellcat.
Does the company simply still see the pairing as redundant? Are they simply putting all hands on deck to figure out a way to electrify the Hellcat, regardless of in which good it sits?
We know one thing: it's not for a lack of possibility. 
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You gotta do it yourself

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In the last few years, 300-SRT devotees all over the world have taken matters into their own hands. Just last year an enthusiast
a 2016 non-SRT 300 with a smorgasbord of MOPAR parts recovered from wrecked or stolen vehicles that were written off. A Youtube video showing off the beautifully finished build has over half a million views and a proactive dismissal of inquiries: the Hellcat 300 was purchased by American rapper Lil Baby. 
This is far from the only internet-famous
Hellcat 300
, but it's a very successful one. The distinct Hellcat hood, so-designed to accommodate the incredible size of the V8 engine, looks right in place with the SRT’s body. Subtle changes, such as the fog lights being removed to allow for cooling, hint further at what's so special about the vehicle. 
Within the interior the Hellcat gauge cluster glints back at the driver with an untamed glower, true to its name. 
Sadly, even this incredible project didn't capture the attention of Chrysler or Dodge. It doesn't seem as though any auto blogger out there sees a Hellcat 300 in the cards, but who knows? 
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