30 Years On, The VW EuroVan GL Is Still a Fun Drive

While the WV EuroVan was first produced as a practical, spacious, and somewhat slow car, there are still some perks to driving this European-engineered car.
Written by Allison Stone
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
When the
EuroVan was first developed in the mid-'80s, it wasn’t exactly the flashiest hot rod on the block. If you’re thinking of the VW buses of the 70s, the EuroVan was similarly a slow, practical, and spacious car geared to accommodate laborers such as plumbers and carpenters. At its time it was one of the largest (and most lethargic)
on the market. 
You might be inclined to pass one of these up when scrolling through used car sales, but a recent report from
Car and Driver
accounts that this quintessential symbol of the ‘90s is actually still pretty fun to drive. It also still bears the appeal of a stylish European product, aging better than some of its counterparts in an American market. 

A surprisingly smooth, nostalgic ride

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The EuroVan was larger than other minivans on the market, and it also came in Recreational Vehicle and Camping Vehicle editions. RVs had a 15-inch extended wheelbase and CVs could come available with beds. While it's not a full-on camper, some models come equipped with their own refrigerator, window screens, and even a pop-up roof tent with its own bed as seen here on
There are also three passenger van models of the EuroVan, each offering different amenities and seat placements. 
The front wheels are placed in front of the driver’s seat, but the horizontal steering wheel gives it a similar feel to rear-engine VWs. The high seats and large windows provide great visibility for drivers and passengers alike.
Acceleration from zero to sixty takes 15.8 seconds, but once you reach 20 mph, acceleration slows. The top speed from its humble five-cylinder engine is a mere 95 mph. If you’re on the lookout for a retro camper van to fix up for your next road trip, the VW EuroVan might not be a bad bet. 
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