Where to Donate Your Comic Book Collection

Donating a comic book collection can be a great way to give back to your community. Here are the best places to donate your old comics.
Written by Liliana Pina
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
If you're looking for ways to give back to your local community, donating your old comic book collection can be a great option to consider.
There are countless organizations that will be eager to accept your old comics, including nonprofits, public institutions, and even charity auctions. Here are some places where you can donate your comic book collection, compiled by
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A number of nonprofit organizations accept comic book donations, depending on their condition and the number of books within the collection.
Donating to these organizations ensures that your old and unused comic books will be put to good use, and also provides you with a tax deduction that can help increase your tax return at the end of the fiscal year.
Here are some nonprofit organizations that accept comic book donations:
While not all comic book stores are open to purchasing personal collections and/or accepting donations, they are a great resource to use to find local organizations or programs in which to donate.
Take some time to visit your local comic shop to see which programs or charities they partner with and learn more about making a donation.
Many libraries accept book donations no matter the type or amount, so asking your local librarian if they would be able to utilize your comic book collection is a great way to ensure it makes its way to new hands.
Because libraries cater to the community at large and provide people with access to books free of charge, and sometimes even provide patrons with literacy classes, your donation will positively impact people in your neighborhood and encourage others to read more.
Reading is an essential part of life, but unfortunately, many people do not have access to books and other reading materials, especially within marginalized groups.
Consider donating your comic book collection to your local hospital, nursing home, shelter, orphanage, or prison, as many people within these groups rely on reading for education and a positive outlet to get them through the day.
If you are passionate about any specific causes or charities, be sure to research them to see if there's a way they can make your collection accessible and useful to their patrons.

Go to charity auctions

Comic book collections can be very valuable depending on their overall condition and the specific issues included. Before donating your comic book collection to a local charity or organization, if you believe it is worth a sizeable amount of money, you should certainly consider donating your collection to a charity auction.
This will ensure that the collection goes to someone who truly values the comic book craft and stories within it and also maximizes your donation’s impact from a monetary perspective.
After getting your collection appraised by a professional and determining its value, check online to see if there are charity auctions accepting donations near you and inquire about donating your collection for their next event.
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