How to Get Your Comic Book Collection Appraised

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If you have a comic book collection, it may be worth getting it appraised.
You probably didn't purchase your comic books because you intended to sell them. But it might be worth it—some comic collections and graphic novels have become highly sought-after collectibles.
Appraisals aren't only conducted by people hoping to sell high-value items for a fair price. They're also used to calculate the right amount of insurance coverage.
For instance, if you find out your Amazing Spider Man collection is worth its weight in gold, you will want to purchase a high-value item rider policy in addition to your home insurance.
But how do you find out the value of your comic books, and what factors determine their value? Let's dive in with this guide by Jerry.
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Where to get comics appraised

If you're looking to get your valuable comic books appraised, you can start in a few different places. Keep in mind, the individuals in these locations might specialize in different things.
For instance, you don't want to drive three hours to get your lone star comics appraised by someone that exclusively deals with X Men collector's editions. The rule of thumb is to research an appraiser first.
Here are a few places to start researching:

Local comic bookshops

This is the most obvious option, but you'd also be extremely lucky to stumble into your local comic book store and find someone with the ability to appraise your collection. That doesn't mean it's not worth trying, however. And if they don't have an in-store specialist, they might be able to point you in the direction of one.
If you have a rare collection, the comic store may offer to purchase it for resale or put it on consignment.
However, you'll probably be able to fetch a higher price if you advertise your collection online or at an auction house because a local comic book store has a limited client base.

Auction houses

You are more likely to find someone that can adequately appraise your comic book collection at an auction house—but you still need to do your research.
Most auction houses have archives of their previously-sold items. If they've sold comic books before, they might be able to appraise your collection (or know someone suitable for the job).
If you're looking to sell your collection, an auction house could also help get you a good price. Most auction houses handle the promotion, advertising, and sale of items going up for auction, which takes the leg work out of it for you.
However, your collection might need to be exceptionally rare or valuable for the auction house to consider selling it, and they will also charge an agreed-upon percentage of the sale price.

What determines the value of comic books?

There are three major factors that contribute to a comic book's value. If your collection achieves the trifecta, you probably have some valuable issues on your hands.


The rarer the book, the harder it is to find, which incidentally drives the value up. You can confirm whether or not your comics are rare by searching their issue numbers on Google and researching price guides.


If your comic book is popular, there's probably a heightened demand for it—which means a higher price.


Even if your comic book is rare and popular, you probably won't find a buyer willing to pay top dollar if the pages are warped and torn. The collectors that keep their comics in plastic baggies are one step ahead of the game in this case!
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