How to Clean Plasti Dip

Keeping your Plasti Dip looking great is easy. This is a guide on how to clean Plasti Dip and what you should avoid when doing so.
Written by Cheryl Knight
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
Invented in 1972 by Robert Haasl of Blaine, Minnesota, Plasti Dip was initially designed as a coating for tool handles. Since then, Plasti Dip has become a household name that is used for a variety of jobs, including coat car parts.
Plasti Dip is loved by car enthusiasts for its range of colors, durability, and affordability. It's used to cover wheels, rims, grills, and even entire cars. It’s also easily removable (unlike a coat of paint). When applied properly, Plasti dip will protect the coated part of the vehicle from moisture, corrosion, abrasion, and acids.
However, every rose has its thorn. Although applying Plasti Dip is far
more affordable than a new paint job
, Plasti Dip is vulnerable to certain cleaning products—namely solvents, paint thinners, and gasoline.
Spilling these substances on a surface with Plasti Dip can cause thinning, bubbling, and even peeling. That is why it’s important to maintain your Plasti Dip and avoid certain cleaning products.
Here's how to clean your Plasti Dip without damaging it, with a little help from
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What to avoid when cleaning Plasti Dip

In addition to avoiding solvents, paint thinners, and gasoline, there are some other precautions you should take when cleaning a Plasti Dip surface.
If you plan on washing the Plasti Dip surface or dipped car with a pressure washer, it’s important that the Plasti Dip material has at least five coats and has been allowed to cure for at least four to five weeks.
Once that window has passed, you can use a pressure washer to clean your car, but ensure you keep the PSI under 1800. This should prevent the water pressure from damaging the Plasti Dip.
Also avoid washing Plasti Dip that is peeling because it will likely make the peeling worse.

Handwashing Plasti Dip

The best way to wash Plasti Dip is by hand
. Hand washing is far less abrasive than other methods of car washing that could potentially cause your Plasti Dip surfaces to peel (namely, automatic car washes and pressure washers).
When hand washing your Plasti Dip, use automotive soap, clean water, and lint-free cloths to get rid of any dirt or debris. Lather up the car with soap from a water-filled bucket, rinse with a hose, and dry off with lint-free towels. Don't bother waxing your Plasti Dip surfaces because the coating is already protecting your vehicle from UV rays.

Cleaning Plasti Dip with a car wash

Another method to wash car parts covered in Plasti Dip is to run your car through an automatic car wash. The biggest precaution when using this method is to make sure that the Plasti Dip is adequately cured.
That being said, you should not use an automatic car wash if your vehicle has a Plasti Dip surface that consists of less than five coatings. The Plasti Dip should also not be peeling, as the car wash could make any tears significantly worse.
By taking the necessary precautions, you can have your Plasti Dip-coated surfaces looking vibrant and bright in no time.

Frequently asked questions

Does Plasti Dip last in a car wash?

Yes, Plasti Dip can last in a car wash, as long as the Plasti Dip has had a few weeks to cure and it's not peeling anywhere.

Can you polish Plasti Dip?

No, you shouldn't polish plastic dip. Polishing involves some heat and friction, and it's likely that the polishing could take off the Plasti Dip. Be sure to tape off areas with Plasti Dip if you want to polish.
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