What happens if your axle breaks while you’re driving?

My car has been making a clunking sound when I drive and it’s starting to make me nervous. My friend said the sound could mean there’s something wrong with my car’s axle. What happens if it breaks while I’m driving?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
It’s safe to say no noise is a good noise when it comes to your car (unless it’s music). Concern for a broken axle is nothing to take lightly because it will cause your car to become immobile.
The axles in your car are crucial to carrying the weight of your car and powering your wheels. Broken axles don’t happen in an instant, and you’ll usually notice the warning signs early on, including:
  • Loud clanking or clicking noises
  • Your car will pull to one side
  • Oil leaking from the CV joint
If you’re driving at a high speed on the highway and your wheel starts to pull to one side, pull over immediately. A broken axle that stops your car while it’s in motion can cause a debilitating accident.
Once you begin to notice any of these signs, it’s best to bring your car to a mechanic as soon as possible to verify the axle issue and get started on repairs. The average cost of an axle repair is $562.
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