Is there an electric car with a generator?

While I’m interested in purchasing an EV, my largest concern is range. I commute to work, my drives are pretty long, and I know EVs aren’t praised for their driving range. Is there an electric car with some sort of internal generator?

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Finding a large-range EV can be difficult, we understand. While electric cars do not have an internal generator in the popular sense, most use regenerative braking and there are certain models with range extenders.
regenerative braking
system works just as it sounds: it regenerates electrical energy for the battery. These brakes assist the car’s standard braking system by slowing the car down and transforming heat energy from the wheels into electrical energy and funneling it back into the battery.
Depending on how one drives, the system can extend the range by 30%. The system also helps to protect your car’s braking pads and limits the visits to the mechanic.
New EV drivers have commented that the feeling takes some getting used to as the regenerative brakes will slow the vehicle down without you having to hit the brake pedal.
Some vehicles have range extenders which is a secondary power generator that charges your battery as you drive. These are often small gas engines that—unlike in hybrid vehicles—don’t actually power the car, but power the battery that powers the vehicle. and are only used for battery emergencies, not day-to-day. These little generators are only there to reduce range anxiety and don’t add a lot of extra distance.
Some vehicles with range extenders on the current market include the BMW i3, the BMW i8, and the Chevrolet Volt.
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