How much do Uber drivers make in California?

I’m about to start college and I’m looking for a side hustle to make some money. How much do Uber drivers make in California?

Bonnie Stinson · Answered on Dec 15, 2022
Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Uber drivers in California can make as much as $23 per hour—but that’s not your actual take-home pay, once you account for expenses.
According to, the average Uber driver salary in L.A. is between $35,400 and $52,000. Although California’s minimum wage is $15, in reality, the median net wage of an Uber driver is $6.20 per hour. Drivers who pay for health insurance out of pocket can expect to take home half of that sum.
Of course, some Uber drivers in California earn more than $20 per hour. Studies show that drivers who have been driving for more time also earn more money. California is the state with the highest paid Uber drivers, too.
Just remember, your take-home wage doesn’t include driver expenses like fuel, cleaning, and car insurance.
Ultimately, your wages will depend on how often you drive, what time of day you drive, and where you drive. Uber states that every trip has a minimum earnings amount. There’s also the standard fare and the surge fare. Uber occasionally runs promotions to incentivize certain areas or times of day, rewarding drivers with extra cash. And don’t forget tips!
Earnings are transferred every week with Uber. You can review your earnings inside the Uber app. It’s relatively easy to get started driving with Uber or Lyft.
California has a unique position in the rideshare marketplace. On the one hand, the cost of living is extremely high in parts of California. But California’s Prop 22 (passed in 2020) excluded app-based workers from AB5, a labor law that helps guarantee certain rights to employees. While it’s since been found unconstitutional, Prop 22 is still in court.
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