How do you program a Jeep’s garage door opener?

I just moved to a new house, but my Jeep’s garage door opener is still programmed for my old house. How can I program my new garage door opener for my Jeep?

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Answer provided by
Annette Maxon
Answered on Apr 22, 2022
I hope your move went smoothly and you’re getting settled!
When it comes to programing your Jeep’s garage door opener, you’ll be working with the car’ HomeLinkⓇ system. Essentially, this is the system that allows you to connect your vehicle to three separate garage doors or gates. When it comes to programming this system, the steps are simple to follow.
Before getting started, look for your car’s HomeLinkⓇ buttons—these will be on the overhead console or on the driverside sun visor. You’re looking for three buttons labeled with one, two, or three dots.
Here’s what you need to do to program your Jeep’s HomeLinkⓇ system:
  • If you bought a used car, start by clearing pre-existing programs from the HomeLinkⓇ system. Do this by holding down on the first and third HomeLinkⓇ buttons at the same time. Keep pressing the buttons down for ten seconds.
  • Figure out the type of garage door opener your house has. To do this, walk into your garage and look for the learn or train button on the garage door opener. If the opener has this button, you’re working with a roller code garage door opener—this type will require some additional steps when programming your HomeLinkⓇ system. If you can’t find either a learn or train button, then you have a non-roller code opener. Once you go through the main programming process, you’ll be done!
  • Go back to your car and get in the driver’s seat. Put the ignition into On/Run but make sure you don’t start the engine.
  • Hold your handheld garage door opener one to three inches away from the HomeLinkⓇ system. As you do this, simultaneously hold down the HomeLinkⓇ button you want to program and the button on your handheld opener. Keep pressing down on these buttons until the HomeLinkⓇ indicator light starts to flash. This light will start flashing slowly at first, then quickly.
  • Release the buttons when the indicator light starts flashing rapidly.
  • Test whether you’ve successfully programmed your garage door opener by holding down on the HomeLinkⓇ button—if the indicator light to see if it stays on continuously as you press down on the button, then you’ve successfully programmed your Jeep’s garage door opener.
  • At this point, you’ve completed the process if you have a non-rolling code garage door opener!
If you have a rolling code garage door opener, you’ll need to follow some additional steps:
  • Get out of your car and walk over to your garage’s door opener. Once again, find the “learn” or “train” button. Firmly push and release this button once.
  • Now, you’ll need to move quickly or have someone help you with this next step. After pushing the “learn” or “train” button, you or your friend will have 30 seconds to return to your car and push the HomeLinkⓇ button you’re programming. Push this button twice, holding it down for two seconds each time.
  • If your garage door opens or closes after pushing the button twice, you’re done! If not, hold down on the HomeLinkⓇ button for two seconds a third time. Now, your rolling code garage door should be fully programmed to your Jeep!
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