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What factors will affect the cost of home insurance?
My wife and I are looking to buy our first house. We’re trying to decide on a few things like location, kind of house, and budget. Home insurance is a big part of our budget planning. What are some factors that will affect the cost of our home insurance?
Payton Ternus
Jan 28, 2022
Is squirrel damage covered by home insurance?
I heard some pitter-pattering in my attic this winter but decided to shrug it off. A few months later, I see that squirrels were nesting there and had damaged some of the wooden beams! Is this squirrel damage covered by my home insurance?
bellina gaskey
Jan 24, 2022
Does home insurance cover broken windows?
I came back from vacation only to find that someone broke into my house. Thankfully, the police got most of my stuff back, but my picture window was wrecked. My contractor says it’ll cost about $1,000 to replace the window. Will insurance cover this cost?
bellina gaskey
Jan 17, 2022
Does home insurance cover boats?
Last weekend a tree fell on my husband’s bass boat and did a lot of damage (it was parked in our driveway). Will our homeowners policy cover the cost of repairs?
bellina gaskey
Jan 17, 2022
Does home insurance cover bee removal?
We’ve recently been suffering from a massive beehive on our property. It’s gotten to the point where we risk getting stung just going outside, so we need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Before we hire an exterminator, I’m just wondering, does home insurance cover bee removal?
melanie reiff
Jan 17, 2022
How wide is a two car driveway?
I’m looking to buy a house. We have two cars and want to make sure a two car driveway will work. How wide are they usually?
Will Baldwin
Jan 25, 2022
Will getting a car loan affect my chances to get a mortgage?
I'm in the middle of house shopping and car shopping, but I'm not sure which to do first. If I get a car loan first, will it affect my chances to get a mortgage?
Eric Schad
Nov 15, 2021
How does getting a car loan affect your chances of mortgage approval?
I want to get a car loan, but I'm also shopping around for a home. How does a car loan affect your chances for getting a mortgage? Should I do one before the other?
Eric Schad
Oct 19, 2021
How do I shop for car and home insurance?
I’m moving to a different state. My fiance and I found a nice home we can afford near their new job. We need to get home insurance for our new place and adjust our car insurance. Is there any way to easily knock both of these out?
Lauren Smith
Oct 13, 2021
Will my homeowner's policy cover my ATV?
Since ATV insurance in New Hampshire isn't required, will my homeowner's policy provide coverage for the ATV? What if it gets stolen or burned down in the garage?
Shannon Martin
Oct 06, 2021
How can you get a low car insurance quote?
What's the best way to get a low car insurance quote? My partner and I recently moved into a house. We are trying to find alternative ways to cut down on some expenses in order to have money for renovations. I know auto insurance is necessary, but it's so expensive!
Phoebe Mah
Sep 22, 2021
What happens if my name is misspelled on my homeowner's insurance?
I recently bundled my car and homeowner's policies, but the insurance company misspelled my last name by one letter. When I told them about this, they sent me a bill for $87 for the correction they made on my policy. It wasn't my mistake, but they said I would have to pay or they would cancel my policy. Is this allowed?
Shannon Martin
Sep 21, 2021
Does home insurance cover paving over a washed-out gravel driveway?
Will my home insurance cover the cost of paving the driveway? I live on the coast and am worried about flooding and extreme rainfall washing out my gravel driveway. To prevent future problems and loss, I want to pave my driveway.
Shannon Martin
Nov 26, 2021

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