How do I stop a ceiling fan from making a ticking noise?

I live in Florida, so we usually have a ceiling fan running to help cool down our apartment. Lately, our ceiling fan has been making a ticking noise. I didn’t notice it at first, but now it’s driving me crazy! How can I stop a ceiling fan from making a ticking noise?

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Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.
Once you notice something, it’s hard to ignore it! Thankfully, you can stop a ceiling fan from making a ticking noise by tightening the blade screws.
In most instances, a ceiling fan makes a clicking or ticking noise because the blades are loose. You can typically stop the noise by tightening all the screws surrounding the blades. The screws will be near the end of the blades, closest to where they attach to the fan’s motor.
Once you tighten the blades, turn the fan back on and check to see if the ticking noise has stopped. If it hasn’t, try:
  • Cleaning the fan and checking if the blades are warped or misshapen.
  • Checking the light’s housing to ensure it’s secure.
  • Checking the fan’s attachment to the ceiling to ensure it’s secure.
Hopefully, this helps, and you can go back to enjoying a cool, noise-free apartment!
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