These Are the Best Cassette Adapters for Your Classic Car

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
Some drivers don't need
futuristic car technology
for their driving, so they sacrifice that a bit for the style of a
classic car
. An older car may rely on outdated media players for music, and this is where cassette adapters come in.
Cassette adapters fit into a vehicle's cassette player and allow drivers to connect their phones or other devices to play music. There are plenty of different options out there, including Bluetooth cassette adapters, but which are the best ones? 
highlights some of the best cassette adapters on the market, and here are some highlights.

 iSound Car Stereo Cassette Adapter

The iSound is one of the simplest cassette adapters on the market, and it is also one of the most affordable. 
The product itself looks like a cassette with a 3.5mm audio jack attached with a cable. To use it, all you need to do is insert the cassette adapter into the cassette player and plug the jack into your phone.
While the cheap price and easy setup are this adapter's biggest perks, its quality does raise questions. The sound quality of the iSound may be questionable, and the overall reliability also may cause problems. 
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Sony Walkman Car Connecting Pack

This Sony cassette adapter is designed similarly to the iSound with a jack that connects to your phone. 
While it is functionally similar, it is a higher-quality adapter that provides a better listening experience. An issue with some cassette adapters is that they produce noises other than music, but the Sony Walkman adapter is designed to be quiet.
However, this increase in quality does mean that this Sony cassette adapter is also more expensive. Compared to other cassette adapters that connect through a jack, it is pricier than the competition. 

Reshow Car Audio Aux Cassette Adapter

According to
The Drive
, the Reshow Car Audio Aux is the best value for a cassette adapter. Like the Sony and iSound models, it physically connects to a phone with a jack. It receives positive reviews for having great sound quality without a high cost.
However, it can be delicate compared to other cassette adapters. The cord does not respond well to movement, meaning that bumps while driving could disrupt audio.

Arsvita Car Audio Bluetooth Cassette Receiver

Both The Drive and OldTimeMusic note the benefits of the Arsvita Bluetooth cassette adapter. 
Unlike the other car adapters on this list, the Arsvita uses Bluetooth to connect to a phone rather than an audio jack. This may not blow away someone who drives a
high-tech modern car
, but it is a neat little piece of technology.
Audio quality is strong in this cassette adapter, and it also receives positive reviews for easily connecting with a phone. 
One potential downside to it, though, is that, unlike adapters that physically connect to phones, it has a battery that will need charging. However, the battery lasts eight hours on a charge, which is another positive to the device.

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