The Most Memorable Insurance Commercials

Hannah DeWitt
· 3 min read
Sometimes the most lovable thing about
car insurance companies
is their commercials. This is odd because virtually everyone needs their service, so they could merely say they have
cheap car insurance
and call it a day.
Thankfully, companies like to go the extra mile instead, with teams of bright folks dedicated to building a strong brand narrative.
The result is many entertaining and informative commercials. Here are the commercials that received a fair amount of pop-culture fame.
Over the years, funny insurance commercials have become a more popular way for companies to advertise.

2020 commercials cheered us up

Last year, we all needed some distractions, and Allstate delivered.
featured the "Along for the Ride" commercial that brought a smile to our faces and is still getting views. It had an upbeat message and a gentle reminder to bundle your insurance policies.
State Farm reassured us with their "Drake from State Farm" commercial. The commercial aired during the Super Bowl, just like GEICO’s "Claims Audition: Lisa Loeb." Both of these companies like to use familiar faces such as Aaron Rodgers and Canadian rapper Drake to make the commercials comforting and memorable.
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Commercials that made us laugh

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According to
, the State Farm "Hot Tub" commercial first aired on May 26, 2010, and featured three friends. The living room window gets broken and the owner summons a State Farm agent by singing the State Farm jingle. He then suggests his friends use the song to grant their wishes.
The commercial gets its name from the friend who wishes for a hot tub and a girlfriend, and it was so memorable that it’s still inspiring amateur parodies and remixes on Reddit.
It's hard to believe, but the GEICO "Caveman at the Airport" commercial aired all the way back in 2006. Directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, it featured the line "So easy a caveman can do it" and the characters were popular enough to spawn a TV show about Neanderthals.
Nationwide made fun of our tendency to procrastinate in their "One Up" commercials. This aired in March 2016 and depicted a couple making a mess of their home to avoid calling their agent until their neighbors noticed and made the call. Most people have had similar experiences putting off ridiculously easy tasks, which makes the commercial relatable and hilarious.

Commercials that made us think

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Allstate wanted to remind people that mayhem happens to everyone, so they hired Dean Winters to play Mayhem Man in a series of ads. In one of the most memorable ones, Winters describes a teen girl getting a text while driving and slamming her car into a light pole. The contrast between Winter's acting and the situation painted a haunting picture for anyone with a teen driver in the house.
Some of the best advertisements are saved for the Super Bowl, and this is certainly the case with Allstate. In their "Duet" commercial, they had an actor sing along with his car to Pet Shop Boys’ "Opportunities" after seeing his insurance savings. This was one of the most successful advertisements of 2021, as reported by
You shouldn’t just pick an insurance company based on their commercials, of course, no matter how memorable they are.
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