Texans Spend $350 a Month Just Getting to Work

Andrew Koole
· 4 min read
, commuting to work costs just over $4,200 a year, on average. That’s $350 a month that the average Texan is spending just to drive their car to work. Commuters in Texas can take a little solace knowing that they spend under the national average, but the real story is where those costs come from in the Lone Star State. 
According to data analyzed by
, car insurance is the largest expense for American commuters. And while premiums are significantly cheaper in Texas than they are in other parts of the country, the overall cost to commute for Texans remains in the center of the spectrum. 
Surprisingly, the annual cost of gas is higher on average in Texas than it is nationally, even though the price of a gallon is significantly cheaper. The culprit? The daily
for Texans is longer, and 81% of them do it alone.
Commuting to work is both boring and expensive.

How can Texans lower the cost of their commutes?

Commuters in Texas have a leg up on their counterparts in other states. The state’s oil reserves keep gas prices cheap, an average of about $3.07 per gallon compared to the national average of $3.42 per gallon. 
According to Jerry’s data, the average
car insurance
premium is also cheaper in Texas ($1,929 per year) than the national average ($2,305). 
The things that raise the price of commuting in Texas play into two of the state’s most well-known characteristics: that it’s big and that its people are independent spirits. 
Driving in the second-largest state geographically means
people in Texas
have more ground to cover than the average American. On top of that, they tend to drive themselves to work.
Naturally then, the easiest way to lower these costs is to carpool. Carpooling lowers nearly every contributing cost to commuting. 
Pairing up with coworkers is the most traditional form of the concept, but carpooling apps like
also allow you to find people from your area that work in similar areas of town.
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Other ways to keep commuting costs down

Carpooling is an effective way to get to work more cheaply, but it’s not for everyone. For Texans who value those few minutes of solitude every day, there are other tools at their disposal.
The most effective way to make work travel cheaper is to not travel to work.
Remote positions are becoming more and more popular
since the COVID-19 Pandemic forced companies across the country to create work-from-home policies. 
If remote work isn’t an option, living closer to work and buying a fuel-efficient or
electric vehicle
can also lower expenses. 

Use Jerry to make your commute cheaper in and out of Texas

Commuting in Texas has its quirks and peculiarities, but in terms of car insurance, it looks a lot like the rest of the country. In every state but one (California), car insurance is the most significant direct cost to commuters. 
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