RVs Might Be a Good Office for People Working Remotely

Ru Chen
· 3 min read
The pandemic has resulted in a sharp
increase in people working remotely
and becoming couch potatoes. Sorry, I meant—desk potatoes.
For those of you who are fond of traveling to different cities and towns all over the country, COVID-19 probably had you feeling like a sea-loving pirate being landlocked. A few of these people were able to scratch this itch by packing up their desks for life on the road in an
Working from an RV means you can travel anywhere.

RVs turning work-from-home into work-from-anywhere

Owning an RV means you can have a mobile home/office. If you already have one but haven’t committed to using it as such, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to try out this trending lifestyle.
BBC News
reports, more and more people are becoming "digital nomads" and working full-time in their RVs, allowing for a greater amount of freedom and comfort. Of course, there are struggles when it comes to some of the practicalities.
New lifestyle, new challenges. But also potential benefits that just may outweigh the cons for you!
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Why have a mobile work office?

You can unplug and have the freedom to travel wherever you want. Taste the salt in the ocean breeze, climb taller mountains and see better views, meet new people, eat new foods…all the benefits of travelling at your leisure.
On top of that, BBC News goes over how new tech has made it much easier to have a stable internet connection. That’s why having a mobile work office in the form of an RV has become such a popular choice across so many professions. You can hike a mountain and come right back into your comfortable RV and watch Netflix.
Having an RV can also help you
save a lot of money
over time, especially if you get (totally free!) support from
to help you find the best insurance for your journey.

Tips for the RV life on the road

  • Be organized
  • Set realistic expectations (don’t exhaust yourself traveling too often)
  • Create a cozy and comfortable area for yourself
  • Get good and reliable internet
  • Stay organized
You basically get to customize your own home and work office. Feel free to get souvenirs from places you visit!
has some more tips on organization and travel that you may want to check out. It can be hard sometimes, so do put yourself first and take rest stops if you need.
Essentially, if you’re able to organize your space and schedule, you’ll be able to hit the ground running! Or rolling, since you’re basically on wheels.

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