The Best and Safest States for Traveling in Summer 2021

Alex Healey
· 4 min read
At the time of writing, around one in six Americans are now fully vaccinated against
, and 66% of adults have received at least one shot. As the pandemic eases, many of us are looking forward to
planning a road trip
or hopping on a plane, but it’s still good to take precautions by visiting the safest states.
Even though the CDC has said that travel is safe for fully vaccinated individuals,COVID-19 is still with us, and some areas are coping with it better than others. So just how safe is domestic travel this summer? Read on to learn the safest states to visit.
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With much of the U.S. open for domestic travel, we look at the safest states to visit in 2021 | Twenty20

Is domestic travel safe this summer?

Aside from visiting Mexico or a handful of Caribbean nations, much of the world is still off limits to American travelers. Consequently, domestic tourism is not only the safest option this year, but also the most practical.
Fully vaccinated individuals can relax, safe in the knowledge that there is less chance of catching COVID-19, and much less chance of becoming seriously ill. Still, before embarking on your trip, the CDC advises waiting two weeks after your final dose.
If you are unvaccinated, either by choice or because of a medical condition, you can still travel domestically, but are advised to wear a mask and socially distance in crowded areas.
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The safest way to travel in 2021

Business Insider
explains how Americans can insulate themselves from the risk of catching COVID-19 this summer.
Firstly, pick a destination known for outdoor activities, like hiking, or relaxing on a beach. Don’t limit yourself to inner city stays where it is hard to avoid crowds.
In terms of transportation, why not take a
road trip
? Sure, flying is quicker, but when it comes to avoiding COVID-19, packing up the family station wagon is the safest bet.
Look for hotels with additional screening and cleaning protocols in place, or even better, find a vacation rental. Not only will you have the entire place to yourself, but most self-catering accommodations offer check-in and check-out using a lockbox, so you won’t have to interact with anyone outside of your traveling party.
If booking a whole house or apartment is not feasible, why not find a campsite and get back to nature?

The safest states to visit this summer

As outlined by
The New York Times
, mask mandates and social distancing requirements have already eased across most of the U.S.
Some states, despite being open for business, will still require unvaccinated people to wear masks indoors. If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask, and are not vaccinated, these are the places to avoid: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington, and Washington, D.C.
To minimize the chance of catching COVID-19 on your trip, even if you are fully vaccinated, visit states that have high vaccination rates or low case counts. Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of crossover between those two criteria. Vermont and Hawaii lead the way for the highest rates of vaccinated individuals, and also have the lowest active COVID-19 case counts. While Hawaii may be off limits for those planning a road trip, the whole of New England is in good shape.
At the other end of the spectrum sit Mississippi and Louisiana, where less than 40% of people have gotten their first dose. However, if you are not vaccinated and not worried about the disease, they are both open for business with zero COVID-19 related restrictions.

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