Rivian's R1T Pickup Comes With a Portable Kitchen

Jane Lu
Oct 14, 2021 · 3 min read
Electric vehicles are demonstrating that they can be just as versatile as any gas-powered vehicle on the market. With several manufacturers developing electric pickup trucks, companies are including impressive features to stand out. Rivian offers an add-on that can make the R1T pickup a foodie's dream.
According to Car and Driver, the Rivian R1T will have an optional Camp Kitchen. This pull-out feature includes a sink, cooktop, countertop, and more. The R1T provides many other options that target different interests and needs.
Pots and pans stacked on wooden shelves above a sink in a modern house.
A portable kitchen is great for road trips.

What’s included with the Rivian R1T Camp Kitchen?

The Camp Kitchen sits in the Rivian R1T pickup's Gear Tunnel, which is located behind the rear seats. You can pull the mobile kitchen out of the Gear Tunnel when you want to use it. It comes with a two-burner cooktop and sink.
Inside the shelves and cabinets of the R1T's Camp Kitchen is a 30-piece kitchen set with every utensil a person would need for a meal on the road. This includes knives, a kettle, silverware, and plates. The Camp Kitchen is designed to stay in place completely while the vehicle is in motion—Rivian said you won’t even hear the utensils rattling.
While the Camp Kitchen is an innovation that’s bound to catch attention, it’s also pricey. The Rivian R1T starts at $67,500 and the kitchen add-on costs an extra $5,000. But the Camp Kitchen comes with a lot of useful features.

Other optional R1T features

The R1T’s Gear Tunnel is meant to be customized to the needs of the driver, and Rivian has already designed different packages for it. As a pickup truck, Rivian wants the vehicle to be useful to workers. Because of this, the R1T will also include an optional workbench.
But the R1T is not just for work. Another Gear Tunnel option turns the truck into a mobile DJ station with turntables and a microphone.
Of course, the Camp Kitchen is meant to be used while camping. To go along with this, Rivian offers another add-on: the Skyrise HD Medium Rooftop Tent. This three-person tent is mounted onto the bed of the truck and turns the R1T into a kitchen and lodge all in one.

Electric trucks are seeing major upgrades

Rivian is catering the R1T to the individual needs of consumers, but they’re not the only ones. Tesla's upcoming Cybertruck has pull-out tables as well. It’s not as advanced as the Camp Kitchen, but it still serves a similar purpose.
Meanwhile, GMC's Hummer EV is gaining attention for its impressive power as well as its Crab Walk mode. This allows the Hummer EV to move diagonally.
Ford's iconic F-150 is getting an EV makeover with the F-150 Lightning. This electric pickup can use its battery as a generator, which could be incredibly beneficial in the event of a power outage.
Electric pickup trucks are still new to the market, and Rivian is out to show just how versatile they can be. Not every driver is going to need or want a kitchen in the back of their truck. But the R1T’s Camp Kitchen will be great for road trip adventures.
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