Riding In a Jeep Without Doors Will Make You Look At the Brand in a Whole New Way

Brandon Moore
· 4 min read
are quite popular vehicles with a devoted following. One of the reasons for this is that some models of Jeeps allow you to ride with the doors and roof off, which is a rather unique feature among vehicles.
However, this may carry some safety risks. Read on to find out more about what riding in a
roof-less, door-less Jeep

Jeeps without doors

Jeep’s unique doorless feature has created a noteworthy fanbase
While some Jeeps come with unremovable doors and roofs, the Jeep Wrangler makes removal a possibility. The 2019 Jeep Wrangler even includes a toolkit designed to make removing the doors and/or the roof easier.
This can be done in a few short minutes and allows you to remove the front panels on the roof and both side doors. The roof covering the rear of the vehicle can also be removed on the Wrangler.
You would need storage space for the components you remove, but otherwise, the company makes it largely hassle-free. This is a popular set-up for many Jeep owners, whether they're driving on or
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Risks of riding in a Jeep without doors

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Rising in a Jeep without doors, however, may carry some risks. For example, some states require a certain number of mirrors in a car. In order to comply with state laws, you would need to reinstall the door mirrors elsewhere on the Jeep.
Ohio even requires car owners to have three mirrors, including the rearview mirror and two side mirrors, according to
Your Jeep Guide
. Be sure to check your state's laws if you're considering doing this.
In addition, riding in a Jeep without doors may carry significant safety risks to both the driver and passenger or passengers in a 4-door vehicle. Car doors are often made of reinforced steel, and because of this, they offer protection in case of a collision. This may be especially dangerous in a side collision, meaning you'd need to take extra care when driving on the road.
It may also be risky if your state has a lot of rainy or snowy weather. Getting precipitation in the car isn't a good idea—it may cause water damage or mold. You'll also be less protected in the case of either extremely cold or extremely hot weather.
This may carry health risks such as increased UV exposure if it's sunny. According to a study
conducted, side door windows can block between 44 percent to 96 percent of UV rays. While UV rays may be dangerous even with side door windows, losing even a little added protection may increase your risk of skin cancer or other skin conditions.
Cold weather can also pose some health risks, including a weakened immune system. You may have to turn the heat on, which is less effective with the doors off or invest in a model with heated seats.
It is important, however, to keep in mind that the doors and roof on Jeeps can be reattached, which may mitigate some aforementioned concerns in some circumstances.

Jeep's devoted following

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While most vehicles don't offer removable doors or roofs, for Jeep, this is often a selling point. Some have cited the feeling of freedom being in a Jeep without doors brings, which is similar to
riding on a motorcycle
or an exemplified version of riding with the windows down.
This unique feature creates a sense of brand loyalty and community, with some bumper stickers saying, "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand."
Some limitations you might expect from riding with the doors and roof removed are also not a factor. Jake Thiewes from
Out Motorsports
, for example, stated that "The sound system's speakers are all contained in the dashboard and roll bar of the Wrangler, so music can still be played if you are door-less."
While a Wrangler may not be the best vehicle spec-wise, for many Jeep owners it delivers a unique experience that gave it the devoted following it has now.
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