Rebelle Rally is America's First Off-Road Rally Raid for Women

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
With the right vehicle and gear, anyone can go off-roading. But like most motorsports, overlanding is largely dominated by men. Rebelle Rally hopes to change that.
The 8-day, 1,600-mile rally through the Nevada and California deserts is exclusively for women hoping to destroy the stereotype of what it means to drive like a girl. Weather and road conditions are rough, GPS and cell phones are banned, and competition is global.
Since 2016, the event has garnered attention from a wide range of media outlets and drawn in all kinds of drivers, from off-road rookies to Air Force veterans. 2021’s winners, Rebelle Rally veterans Nena Barlow and Teralin Petereit, took first prize in a Jeep Wrangler 4xe.
Rebelle Rally brings together women with a passion for off-roading.

How Rebelle Rally works

Rebelle Rally attracts some pretty experienced rock crawlers, but anyone willing to put themselves through the grueling competition can sign up. Free, introductory 4x4 driving and navigation courses are available to any participants who are new to the sport.
Rather than focusing on speed, Rebelle Rally founder Emily Miller designed the event to challenge participants’ endurance and navigation skills that require determination and respect for the terrain. Drivers must obey local speed regulations to avoid being penalized. 
Based on their performance of a variety of challenges, teams are awarded points throughout the event. At the end, winning participants of the 4x4 and X-Cross classes are awarded a $5,000 credit each towards the following year’s rally and a trophy to share as a team. 
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The types of vehicles used in the Rebelle Rally

Rebelle Rally was designed with stock vehicles in mind. Off-road tires, underbody protection, aftermarket bumpers, removed lower air dams, and lights are the only recommended modifications for the event. 
But the
New York Times
says vehicles at the rally are a diverse bunch, with showroom Subaru Foresters competing next to $300,000 Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4²s. The only thing separating the competition’s two classes is whether or not the vehicles have two-speed transfer cases.
Barlow, a five-time Rebeller, and Teralin, a four-timer, took first place in the 4x4 category with their plug-in hybrid Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. Melissa Fischer and Cory Jokinen won in the X-Cross class with their 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Edition.

Finding car insurance for your Rebelle Rally rock-crawler

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Rebelle Rally is no joke. Challenges occur on a wide range of terrain, from dirt roads and trails to double tracks and sand dunes. Buying a properly equipped vehicle can get expensive, and insuring it can be pricey, too.
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. Barlow and Taralin’s Wrangler has an average annual premium of about $1,700. A policy for Fisher and Jokinin’s Bronco averages at around $1,440 a year.
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