Scary Moment for Pennsylvania Tesla Owner as Car Catches Fire

Ru Chen
· 3 min read
Not quite a case of spontaneous combustion, but a
did catch on fire recently for no apparent reason in
Freak accidents like this can be absolute nightmares.
Car fires are extremely dangerous.

Newest Tesla model up in flames for no apparent reason

Consumer Reports
(CR) announced that a brand new 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid, which is Tesla’s newest and hottest model, caught on fire.
The car’s owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, wasn’t physically injured by the fire, but according to the report, it was a harrowing experience.
The law firm representing the Model S’s owner told CR that he started to smell smoke while he was driving. The doors were locked and couldn’t be opened normally, so he had to force a door open.
There was just enough time for him to somehow escape before the Tesla Model S erupted in flames.
It took tens of _thousands _of gallons of water for the local fire department to quell the blaze. To ensure the car wouldn’t reignite, they kept it for another 24 hours before returning it to the owner, who lives in an affluent neighborhood where Teslas and EVs are very common.
As of yet, Elon Musk and Tesla have not commented on the incident.
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Freak accident or real risk?

The safety of Teslas has been a controversial topic rife with speculation and misinformation ever since Tesla came into the forefront of people’s minds (and stocks).
Tesla comes under the spotlight for safety concerns perhaps more than any other car brand, notably due to their autopilot system and bold claims of producing the safest cars out there.
As with any hot topic, it’s easy for information to get blown out of proportion.
Just this April,
Car and Driver
reported a fiery crash of a Tesla Model S in Texas that became a media focus, with reporters and spectators slamming Tesla and accusing it of having an unsafe autopilot system.
However, more evidence surfaced that suggested it was unlikely for the autopilot to have been at fault, as it was not enabled at the time of the crash.

Are Teslas safe?

Compared to other cars, Tesla cars actually have a _lower _chance of catching on fire. Car and Driver notes that statistically, Tesla vehicles actually catch on fire 10 times less than the average vehicle.
All in all, this Tesla fire in Pennsylvania appears to have been a freak accident. It is not an indication that Teslas are likely to catch on fire.

Does auto insurance cover fire damage?

The answer: it depends.
If you have comprehensive coverage, you’re likely to be covered for fire damage. Even in cases that insurance agents would deem to be insurance nightmares (such as this Pennsylvania incident).
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  • Vandalism and riots
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