Nissan and Nismo Japan Announce the Z GT500: Based On the 400Z

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
When it comes to racing
car brands
, Nissan is pretty much known for just one car, the beloved
Nissan GT-R
. With that being said, the GT-R is a very old car, as it's well over a decade old now. Now, Nissan and Nismo Japan are looking to replace the GT-R as the face of Nissan's racing division. Here's a look at the Nissan Z GT500.  
Nissan is no stranger when it comes to famous sports cars, but could this be a new supercar?

The Nissan Z GT500 was made for the track

wrote, Nissan recently unveiled the brand new Z, and the Z GT500 is not simply the road-legal version of it. Instead, the Z GT500 was designed for racetracks, and its body and engine are proof of that.
While it was clearly styled after the production version of the car, there's plenty of weight-saving carbon fiber on this Nissan. Its engine, meanwhile, is a 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4, which is very different from the regular Z's V-6. 
And, on the outside, the Z GT500 certainly looks like a race car. After all, it has a large wing on the rear, as well as the racing logos that racing fans are well aware of.
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Just how powerful is the Nissan Z GT500? 

Despite the smaller engine, that 2.0-liter I-4 is actually very powerful. Indeed, the Z GT500 can get 650 horsepower in the right conditions. This is, in fact, more horsepower than what the larger V-6 on the regular Z can get.
For comparison, the regular Z only has one engine option, and it's a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 that gets 400 horsepower. That said, the Z is
a road-legal car
that people can buy for around $35,000, so it's not going to be a fair comparison anyway. 
That being said, it's not clear how fast this Nissan supercar truly is. But, since it was designed for the track, its specs should be very competitive with the race cars being driven around right now.

Other info about what's going on at Nissan

While the Z GT500 will be replacing the GT-R as the face of Nissan's racing division, the GT-R is getting some love, too. Indeed, Nissan recently announced
the GT-R R36
, which will replace the current generation of the GT-R. That said, the GT-R R36 is still a few years away, and it's not clear when Nissan will debut the R36.
That's probably why Nissan unveiled the Z GT500 already, as Nissan plans to have it compete in the 2022 Formula Drift series. Since the current GT-R is so old, it makes sense to debut the Z GT500 as soon as possible. The GT-R R36 may eventually become the face of Nissan's racing scene again, but that remains to be seen.
As for the GT300, Nissan hasn't spoken about it too much right now. Since the GT300 is the lower-tier version of the GT500, Nissan may announce a new GT300 down the line. However, the GT300 is still a car that was made for the track, so fans shouldn't expect to see it at dealerships anytime soon.

Thinking about buying a new sports car?

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