How to Buy Your First Collector Car

Maya Farley
· 4 min read
Buying a classic or collector car for the first time can be an overwhelming process. Other than the model, price, and specifications of the vehicle, you also have to consider things like maintenance and
car insurance
before you decide which
car to buy
So, where do you start?
gives advice on what steps to take when buying your first collector car.
Buying collector cars is a popular hobby | Twenty20

Decide what type of collector car you want to buy

The first step that every collector, or anyone shopping for a car, should do, is decide which type of car you want to buy. Think about things like automaker, design, and performance.
For instance, do you want a muscle car or a sports car? Do you want a classic design or a sleek American luxury car? You want to make sure to consider whether your dream car fits your lifestyle and expectations in terms of pricing and maintenance.
After you decide which collector car you want, you should try to find one to take on a test drive.
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Reach out to a car club and request a test drive

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It’s important to test drive the collector car you want to buy, and see it in-person, so you know if it has what you want. You can reach out to a car club for your specific car to ask if you can test one out.
has a directory to help you find them.
You can send the club a message through social media or on their website. You can write that you’re looking to buy one of these cars, and want to try driving it before you make a purchase. This way, you can test out the features, and take a look at things like the seats and handling.
If you still want the car after driving it, you can go ahead and join the car club. There are many benefits of joining a car club. You'll get access to a network of drivers who will share their experiences with the car and tips on how to find replacement parts or service.

Research pricing for your collector car

The next step is to learn more about the car. There’s tons of information you can find on the internet, but it might not all be accurate. recommends finding and reading books written about the model.
This will give you a better understanding about how much it’ll really cost to own the car. There are various online sites you can use to find the value of a car like the
valuation tool. The tool will give you a good overview of the value of a collector car, and what you should expect to pay.

Shop around for your collector car

You can buy your collector car through sites like or collector car auctions. However, you might be able to get even better deals from your car club. Club members will usually know about cars before they hit the market, and this might give you a better deal on it.
Before making the purchase, make sure to call a specialist for that particular model to inspect the car. This way, you can spot anything that needs attention and know what might
need a repair
or restoration.
Collector cars, especially those 25 years old or older, are not going to be in perfect condition. You’ll most likely have to set aside some money for tunings, repairs, and setting up insurance for them.
The maintenance for a collector car might already seem daunting before you even consider what car insurance might cost. With
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