How to Avoid Shady Ford Bronco Markups

Hannah DeWitt
· 3 min read
Customers have been pre-ordering the 2021
Bronco for about a year, and they’ve waited patiently for it to be delivered.
can allow you to customize your car a bit more than buying off the lot does. But it doesn’t always help you prevent stressful haggling with car dealers.
It’s not unheard of for dealerships to mark up popular releases once they’ve been ordered. But it looks like Ford dealers have been taking it to a new level.
According to
Road and Track
, customers that ordered the 2021 Bronco have been experiencing thousands of dollars of markups on their new cars days before they arrive.
Some consumers saw huge markups on their new Ford Bronco.

2021 Ford Bronco customers are seeing hefty markups

Buyers that received markup notices were charged substantial amounts over sticker price. Less than a week before their car was due to arrive, one couple received a note saying that the
on their Bronco had increased by $10,000. If they couldn’t pay, the deal could be rescinded.
Road and Track called these drastic markups "weird and predatory," since the cars were likely customized and initially ordered at MSRP. Many consumers will likely turn to Ford to help sort things out, but the brand may not intervene.
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How can you avoid markups when buying a car?

The MSRP can change depending on the type of car, its popularity, or the brand in general. It can even vary from vehicle to vehicle in one dealer’s inventory. A Ford representative said that dealerships have the right to charge what they think the car is worth, even if it’s thousands of dollars above MSRP.
Ford has offered to help unsatisfied buyers find another dealer that would charge what the buyer is willing to pay. But there are some ways to help you get a fairer price from the start.
Road and Track
has a few suggestions. You can put a deposit down when you order to secure a price and sign a price sheet. However, these aren’t legally binding ways to avoid markups. Approaching a dealership that you trust can help you prevent these kinds of issues from happening.
But the best thing to do is look for opportunities to get your price in writing. You’ll want to make sure that this is a confirmed final price, not just a quote. Getting a firm price in writing, especially one signed by both parties, makes it much harder for the dealership to legally increase the MSRP after negotiations.

How common are car markups?

These markups have been occurring in the auto industry for years. Once a vehicle gains enough popularity, dealers can decide to raise the price, knowing that some consumers will accept the markup to finally get the product.
Road and Track says you shouldn’t pay above sticker price for a car that doesn’t have extremely limited production. You don’t have to accept expensive markups—for your car or your car insurance.
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